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It's time to look at another slightly lesser known Mario title...


Play through simulations of the classic Game & Watch titles Manhole, Fire, Octopus, and Oil Panic.  While that sounds somewhat interesting, what is more interesting is that the collection comes with modernized remakes of all the game, starring Mario and the other Mushroom Kingdom folks.  Help Yoshi keep brainless Toads from falling through manholes, watch the Mario Bros. as they rescue hundreds of Toads (and others) from a burning castle, collect treasure while dodging the wrathful arms of a giant octopus, and help Mario as he... stops Bowser from dropping burning oil on innocents like Yoshi, Luigi, and DK. Jr..  Bowser has mellowed over the years, it seems.

Developed by Tose and Nintendo, Game & Watch Gallery was released in 1997 across the world, but with different names in different regions.  "Game Boy Gallery" appeared in Japan on Feb. 1 1997, while North America received Game & Watch Gallery in May of 1997.  In Europe and Oceania, it was released as "Game Boy Gallery 2" as the sequel to an earlier collection of Game & Watch remakes entitled "Game Boy Gallery."

The game featured Super Game Boy frames and tinting, and a non-playable gallery of other Game & Watch titles.
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