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Mario & company drive karts in 3D, while trying not to snake in ...

Mario Kart 7

The first "true" 3D Mario Kart game, Mario Kart 7 introduced several new gameplay elements to the Mario Kart series.  Karts now come with gliders, allowing players to coast through the sky after large jumps; they can also drive underwater!  In addition, karts are now customized -- players unlock components (wheels, bodies, gliders), and can mix and match the components to adjust the performance of their kart.  Coins return to the series -- collecting them in a race boosts your top speed!  New items include the Super Leaf (spin and knock out your opponents with a Tanooki tail), Fire Flower (hurl fireballs at your opponents), and the Lucky Seven -- the Lucky Seven gives the racer seven items to use, spinning around the kart in a ring.

Another change is the introduction of longer courses: three of the tracks don't loop -- instead, the racers must complete multiple segments of one, long course.  Rainbow Road is one such course; the other two longer courses are derived from Wii Sports Resort's map -- Maka Wuhu and Wuhu Loop.

Trick boosting returns from <a href=">Mario Kart Wii, but "snaking" (as popularized in <a href=">Mario Kart DS[/url] is gone.

Overall, Mario Kart 7 is a very solid entry in the series, offering traditional racing with Mario power-ups, a full battle mode, and online gameplay.  Developed by EAD, the game received a worldwide 2005 release on the 3DS.

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