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Mario & Luigi get squirrelly in ...

New Super Mario Bros. U

Bowser has kidnapped the princess again, and the Mario Bros. are back to save the day.  Up to four players can play together using Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad.  Boost Mode allows one player to use the Wii U Gamepad to add platforms and give the players small boosts as they play.

New Super Mario Bros. U has some notable changes and improvements from the prior games in the series.  A new power-up item, the Super Acorn, activates the Squirrel Suit, which allows characters to float across the stage or swoop up into the air.  Baby Yoshis return, this time offering a unique power based on their color (spitting bubbles, swelling up like hot air balloon, and more).  The game overworld map is one large map, akin to the one found in Super Mario World.  A new Challenge Mode gives the player a list of small challenges to complete for reward coins -- can you stomp all the enemies in a stage without touching the ground?  The fat, round Goombas from Super Mario World are back -- but now they have a unique name, "Galoomba."  Speaking of Goombas, Goombrats are introduced in this game -- small, Goomba-like stompable enemies that rather resemble persimmons.

Oh, did we mention that the main musical theme for the game is new?  Yes, it's a New Super Mario Bros. game that doesn't reuse the same "waah waah" theme!

Another notable aspect to the game is that it is the second Mario platformer to receive paid DLC.  While New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS received additional packs of courses, New Super Mario Bros. U received an entire "second quest" in the form of New Super Luigi U, a $20 set of replacement levels for the entire game.

New Super Mario Bros. U was released on the Wii U in 2012.  In 2019, it was updated and released on the Switch as New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

Let's do the Mario, all together now!