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« on: November 04, 2007, 09:15:05 PM »
Do you have a story about a Nintendo product surviving a traumatic experience? Tell us!
Just now, I found Super Mario 64 DS and Planet Puzzle League in this small plastic/rubber game case I have (it only holds two). It is definitely NOT watertight. My game cards were soaking wet. I dried them enough to not damage my DS, and I found they still work, saves still present and all. I hope the labels don't take it too hard though...
I still wouldn't intentionally put my games through the wash. I need to be less absent-minded.
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Same thing happened with my MKDS card. Left it in my pocket, and realized the next morning that it was put in the washer and drier. I went down the basement and even heard it banging against the inside of the drier. Mom took it out and gave it to me when it was done. Put it in my DS, all data intact.
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Plenty of stories about Game Boy games going through the wash and still working perfectly with saves intact. One story about me accidentally dropping the Gamecube down a staircase while transporting it between floors and it still working perfectly (though I imagine this wouldn't be the case if there was anything plugged into any of the ports, or if I had the screen for it back then).

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« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2007, 09:46:49 PM »
My Super Mario 64 DS card once went halfway through the wash before I wondered where it was. It was fine.
When TEM was at my house, we used two Zappers as props for various projects, and we forgot to bring them inside. Overnight, it rained. Plugged them into my NES the next morning and they worked like a charm.
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I remember when I used to drop/throw/shake my Game Boy Color, it would reset. That was the only faulty thing about it.

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I'm a super careful person so I can't say that any of my Nintendo stuff as had any traumatic experiences lately. However, I was rather violent back in the N64 era and sorta took it out on the N64 controllers. They didn't quite make it to say the least.

Also, some odd years back, I found this video of some guys dragging a GCN behind a truck for a mile or so, hurling it across their yard, then taking a sledge hammer to it. Oy...
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« Reply #6 on: November 04, 2007, 10:05:28 PM »
I also have made sure to take particular care of my Nintendo products. Though I don't really have any such experiences (at least that I can remember), this Game Boy on display at the Nintendo World store clearly shows its durability.

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A lot of my DS and GBA cartridges are squeaky clean. Also, I know of a guy who threw his GBC out a window, and it was fine. Nintendo systems are truly powerful. Sony systems, however, are much different.


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« Reply #8 on: November 04, 2007, 10:31:26 PM »
The first GameCube I owned I bought from a friend.  Their family had taken it with them on a trip, and at a rest stop they put it on the roof of the car, and forgot to pack it up again when they set out.  At about 30MPH it rolled off of the roof and down the interstate.  It was scratched up on all 10 corners (main corners plus lid), but still worked perfectly.

Of course, this was still when Nintendo made their hardware in Japan.  My Wii broke just by having it on.

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Meanwhile, Sony seems to somehow be making products that at least feel solid. Is this what success or loss does to you?
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I played my GCN during an electric storm.  The power went flickered, and I couldn't get the cube back on.  I thought it had fried, but when I plugged it into a different outlet, it was functioning as if nothing happened.   The event traumatized me a little bit.  It certainly taught me not to play console games during an electrical strom.
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My very first Game Boy Color went through a lot of abuse. As of now, it's screen is crakced and crushed, the battery spring is bent out of shape, and there's some residue in the cartridge slot. Yet the other day I inserted Pokemon Red and it worked fine.

My N64 and Gamecube have both had liquids spilled on them and they run like nothing happened.

My Wii has been kicked over a couple of times and there's no sign of damage.

Not a Nintendo system, but my PS2 has been stepped on, dropped, left in the sun, and has food stuck to it and it still runs fine. So I guess all those stories of Sony making shoddy products aren't completely true.
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I don't have any stories about my systems (I was very careful, and somewhat OCD about my stuff), but my fiancee's Super NES has a big hole in the front area of it, where one of her sisters/her stepped on it. The SNES still works, as they all still play their favorite SNES games, but I just saw it as weird.

Also, they were cleaning out their garage for a garage sale, and my fiancee found her old Gameboy Pocket. It's a green one that looks like it's been through just about everything, but it still works. I'll take a picutre of them sometime (the SNES and GB).
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My old DS fell on the floor a couple times, and it still worked. Other than that, I try to take good care of my systems. I'm especially gentle to the DS lite.
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Wiggles: Depends on when/where the PS2 was made.
Toad: Yeah, SNESes consist largely of empty space.
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