Author Topic: Bomberman...IN BRAWL???  (Read 5324 times)

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I can't believe that there is a Mario Party Stage.


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Did you know that Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Barny, Chuck Noris, Tails, Knuckles, Spyro, Waluigi, Spongebob, Toad, Rayman, Bill Cosby, Mega Man and Your Mom are playable charicters!?

And did you know that your TV is a playable stage?!?!?!

You should belive me becuase I said so!
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Barny, Your Mom, and Bill Cosby are fakes. The rest are secret characters.

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Total fake from this spoof site.
Oh man, the King of Town as a character made me laugh. He should be the sandbag.

But I wouldn't rule out Bomberman as an Assist Trophy or regular trophy. He's been with Nintendo for a long time, and throwing a bomb out on the stage sounds like something he'd do. Better yet, Bomberman could use his amazing power of stopping moving bombs, so if someone's in the air, the bomb stops right where the character's going to land.

I could have sworn Smart Bombs were known as Nova Bombs in the Star Fox series though.
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This one is hilarious
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Ha ha. That sites a little funny.

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Barny, Your Mom, and Bill Cosby are fakes. The rest are secret characters.

You know, I'd actually like to see Mega Man. I mean if I had to pick another 3rd party character, he'd be it. But I wouldn't hold my breath on it or anything.