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For any Scrubs fans, note that you can now do this in RB:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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HAHAHAHA awesome video.


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Zombie Slayer Diox is the first* 3DS rhythm game, but it looks so bad I'm not even going to try it. Why can't anyone make a good zombie rhythm game? First Rock of the Dead steals Sega's prepositional phrase and drags it through the mud and now this. I'll tell you the problem: the living dead have no rhythm. They're all stiff and just shuffle around and stuff. Well... wait. And hmm. Nevermind. :)

*US release


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I might grab that Capcom collection at some point. It's basically a bunch of XBLA titles on-disc, which is fine with me because it costs a lot less than buying said games individually.

The only other games I'm interested in this week are Rayman Origins (which I already own on 360) and The Pinball Arcade.

(Next week has another weird Friday Nintendo game launch. What's up with that?)


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Oh man, rereading LD's post, now I'm sad that the real first 3DS rhythm games (Dissidia: The Musical and Chibi Project Diva) are Vaguely Coming This Summer and Never Coming Out Here (And Region-Locked), respectively.

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I thought Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure was coming out in April, but then I looked and everywhere says it's July. D:

You're sad about Theatrhythm? I'm overjoyed. I had essentially given up hope of US release.


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I'm sad that it's not going to be out here for several months. It'll be a day-one purchase when it finally is released, which is weird for me to say about a Final Fantasy game. (On the other hand, it happened with the PSP remake of FF4, so I guess it's not that weird anymore.)

I'm more sad about Project Mirai, because again, there's no chance of a US release. Sega doesn't think there's an English market for these games for some reason.

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Kudos to the Devil May Cry HD Collection for actually having, ya know, all the games.


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I previously knew of the existence of World Gone Sour and I even knew it had music from Method Man but until today I did not know that it was narrated by Creed from The Office. W T D.

Fez makes this four weeks straight that something has come out on Friday. And they were all awesome releases except Tenorman's Revenge.


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Skullgirls and Fez for me this week.

I've heard mixed things about The Pinball Arcade from those who have played it on Xbox 360; while Tom Chick is apparently loving it, I've been hearing a lot of complaints from some of the pinball diehards I chat with in #shmups, who have problems with the physics and accuracy to real tables (I know one person mentioned a loop in one table that almost always dumps the ball in TPA but doesn't work that way in the real table).

Persona 3 FES for ten dollars is a steal. If you have any interest at all in turn-based JRPGs with cool characters and properly-strategic combat, and didn't play FES on PS2, the PS3 port comes highly recommended from me. (Disclaimer: I'm a True Fan, owning the original version, FES, and Persona 3 Portable.)

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SkullGirls is so baller. I really wish the roster was a little bit bigger because I'd totally buy this if there was enough variety to justify the Capcom vs SNK 2 styled ratio system.
As a game that requires six friends, an HDTV, and skill, I can see why the majority of TMK is going to hate on it hard.


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This was my thought process when purchasing Skullgirls yesterday:

1. "I've been looking forward to this game for ages now and it's finally out"
2. "oh look, I have a code for 400 Microsoft Points from redeeming points on Bing Rewards"

So yeah, it was pretty easy to justify spending ten bucks on the game fifteen minutes after the buy button went up.

That said, the game itself is excellent, but it needs a great deal of work in a few areas not explicitly related to "playing the game"; in particular, things like the lack of an in-game movelist (you're expected to go to the game's official Web site and download a 27MB PDF to view moves instead), no AI options for training mode, and a rather common graphical glitch whereby your character's sprites will blink out of existence and leave green hitboxes in their place for a few frames all scream "we released this game early and are going to patch the crap out of it ASAP" to me.

I have a few guesses for why this would have been the case, and they tie into each other in some way or another:
1. It was a serious pain to get a same-week release slot for PS3 and 360, so they took it and ran
2. They wanted to get the game out early on in the EVO season (noting that, while they're not being featured at EVO itself, they will be attending a great deal of the events leading up to it, holding tournaments with cash and equipment prizes)
3. If they didn't release the game now, they most likely would have needed to wait until June (due to Microsoft's spring promo for XBLA), or else screw up having a same-week release for PS3 and 360

In other news, a totally different Vocaloid rhythm game than the one anyone actually wanted to play actually came out in the west this week: Miku Flick

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Yeah, that's pretty close. Mike Z was on a show last week and talked about how they had to meet this deadline or the game would've been indefinitely pushed back again. The movelist is coming with the first patch, but I still have to wonder how such an oversight was made when its probably one of the more simpler things to implement.

Also, Ridiculous mode is so hardcore. I can't tell you how many times I had to continue to win a single fight. But it feels so good.
As a game that requires six friends, an HDTV, and skill, I can see why the majority of TMK is going to hate on it hard.