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Still one week behind. The Culex battle music hit Theatrhythm and don't miss Mark of the Ninja on XBLA. I mean DO NOT miss it. One of the best stealth games ever made. Period.

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NBA Baller Beats, a basketball dribbling Kinect rhythm game.

Fractured Soul, another entry to the SCP genre.

"We Have Arrived", a song from Type-0 bravely makes its way to the US shores with no release of the actual game in sight.

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Borderlands 2 and Torchlight II if you want new looting experiences.

Kirby, Street Fighter, and Jet Set Radio if you want to take it back to the past.

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There is no Theatrhythm DLC this week for the first time. I hope it's not the end.

A lot of old games are hitting new systems this week.

The most interesting new things are Tokyo Jungle and The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave.

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RE6 doesn't say its name on the title screen.



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I'm buying a retail copy of New Little King's Story from Asia or Europe instead of buying on PSN, because $40 is ridiculous for a downloadable game, especially one on a platform with a history of catastrophic failure and a reputation for having games pulled from the service entirely, with no way to redownload and no guarantee that they'll be restored any time soon.

(Also, it's only about five dollars more for a retail copy from another region than a digital copy here.)

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Any Wii U stuff?

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Will LD ever update again?
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Not until a Resident Evil game says its name on the title screen.
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I owe RE6 a bit of an apology. It doesn't say its name on the standard title screen but it does do it for the title card that comes up after you beat the opening scene. All is not lost.

My current favorite title screen is in BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, where Charles Martinet himself enthusiastically screams the full 10-word title each time AND it's unskippable. The ability to press Start (or any button) doesn't activate until the full title is screamed.