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I completely forgot about RubberPant. What a stupid name. I haven't signed on to it in forever, so that was probably not me.

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My gamer tag is WarioWaft. I don't really play anything but Team Fortress 2 nowadays.

Yes, I play both versions of TF2. Mainly because the pyro is much harder to play as in the Xbox version.
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Looks like TF2 is all WarioWaft has played ever ROFL!


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I wish I could. If I had Xbox Live.
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Picked up a 360 today. I'm LizardDude17. Lizard Dude and LizardDude were taken. Noooooo! Evil.
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I'm using Games for Windows Live.
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*pokes Luigison*

psst, you should login and accept my (and whoever else's) friend request, because the 360 friends list keeps unanswered requests at the top of the list and you're clogging my screenz, bro.


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I guess I never posted my Gamertag here. Thanks to LD's suggestion in #tmk some time ago, I am:


I don't have the system yet, but if it turns out we can actually get decent Internet at my house before I get the system, I'll be up for any online multiplayer stuff I own at that point.

(As an aside, all three of the games I own right now have online multiplayer, but I'm pretty sure no one else here owns any of them.)


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ClownishTree6 is my gamer tag.
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I'm sure you all know my gamertag nowadays is PennyroyalTea93.

And things haven't changed. All I play is Team Fortress 2.
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