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You know, with this being a Mario forum, I think the majority would swing one way.

You know which way.

Anyway, there are games for the PSP that do look fun (Lumines, uhh...Every Extend Extra, Mercury). I'd love to try out some of the games on the PSP. They're also making UMD versions of most current movies, and you can connect your PSP to the computer to put music and video files in; all very nice features, but, you know, the main thing a video game console is used for is, well, video games.

As for the DS, I believe there is a much better variety of games (I only have four, so sue me), some taking advantage of the top screen, others taking advantage of the touch screen, some utilizing both...The fact that it's more innovative, while not graphically as powerful as the PSP, is much better.
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my cousin has a nintendo ds, its good but i like the psp used to playstation games.

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Miss/Score from Game Informer Magazine. These are mostly facts, by the way.

Game play-DS
FPS-DS(Surprisingly, but it's actually true.)
Games score up to 2006-DS
Other than gaming capabilities-PSP(Music, DVD, etc.)
Highest system sales-DS
Highest game sells-DS
Screen quality(Wideness, light, etc.)-PSP
Durability/Life expectancy-DS

Total points: PSP-5    DS-6
All depending on which feature is more important to you.

These are a few things from Game Informer magazine.
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I vote DS. I used to think PSP was better when I was a stupid TMK rebel, but now I've actually changed (and played both systems), and I think DS is better.
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I like them both, and I nac say this...  Wanna know why?  Becuase I have them both and play them both very often.  Sometimes even at the same time.  Just kidding, that would be cool though:/
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It depends on what you want, mainly. Personally, I prefer the DS, but I know someone- Ringsonic- who has both. I haven't played his PSP yet, but I've watched some other guy play it and I thought it was cool.
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To tell you the truth, I sold my PSP for a DS.

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Here is how I would score it:

Graphics - PSP
Game play - DS
Realism - PSP
Sound - PSP (Barely, the sound is about equal, and both are loud as hell))
Other than gaming capabilities - Nobody, the magazine just added this one to even it out, why would you buy a system for the extras? (Besides, I have a video I-Pod.)
Highest system sales - DS (Can't change the facts...)
Highest game sales - DS (^Ditto^)
Screen quality - DS (I give it to them because if you look at the DS from the side you can't see, I friggin hate people that hover)
Durability/Life expectancy - DS (The PSP does a crapload of stuff)
Sports Games - PSP
2D Games - DS (I still like having some of those advance feel games)
Shooters - PSP (Gotta give it to PSP, Battlefront, GTA, and a 007 game!? That is awesome...)
Puzzle/Strategy Games - DS (Some great puzzle games came out for the DS because of the touchscreen ability, I think PSP had two or three that sucked.)
Platformers - DS (Oh god...the list goes on and on and on and on...Princess Peach, Sonic, Mario, another mario coming out soon, Veiwtiful Joe...)
Fighting Games - PSP (Man, I love the fighters out right now for PSP)
Least Ammount of Worthless Games - DS ([Curse] PSP! So many pool and casino games, don't yuo know those suck? I can buy the same quality game on my cell phone...)
RPGs - Draw (Only like 3 RPGs have come out for each system, while FF VII is coming out on the PSP, the DS has Castlevania)
Racing Games - DS (This can be argued about a lot, you may choose PSP if you like quality, but both systems almost have the same games, except for Mario Kart and Crash Bandicoot)
Systems - DS (There are at least 10 different colors of the DS worldwide, for PSP you could get either Black or White)
Style - Draw (It's up to you, personally if I'm trying to look cool I'll carry around a Micro, it's about the size of a good digital camera)
Matching Accesories - PSP (I think everything looks very nice, headphones, cases, etc.)
Cost - DS (Sorry, I don't want to make the DS look perfect, but it does have the better price.)
Overall - I really can't choose your system for you overall, if you are poor, yet you could afford twenty bucks once in a while and you don't mind carrying around a bunch of disks get the PSP, but if you can afford $430 instead of $300 and then $20 once in a while, then I recommend the DS. One point for each...
PSP - 8
DS -  13
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