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Mario Chat / Re: Kings of Mario Bros. 3
« on: September 17, 2004, 10:29:55 AM »
Grass Land: Larry Koopa
Desert Land: Morton Koopa Jr.
Water Land: Wendy O. Koopa
Giant Land: Iggy Koopa
Sky Land: Roy Koopa
Ice Land: Lemmy Koopa
Pipe Land: Ludwig Von Koopa

I lived and breathed that game when I was younger.  I still remember almost every trick and glitch about it. Good times....I hope this helps :), and I hope I didn't make any mistakes....

Mario Chat / Re: Confuzzled over Mario Sunshine
« on: March 25, 2004, 11:19:08 AM »
Here's a theory my friend and I came up with.

Some time during SMB1, while Mario was trying to save Peach, she developed Stolkholm Syndrome and came to identify with Bowser. They both gave into temptation and did the wild thang.  Mario ended up "saving" Peach and all was well.  Then, SMB2 was all a giant dream that Mario had, which lasted for something like a RipVanWinkle nap. During that time, Peach found out she was pregnant and had the Koopalings (don't worry, they were much smaller and soft-shelled so it didn't hurt as much).
By the time SMB3 rolled around, the koopalings had grown and were defeated. At this point, the koopalings decided to go off and get an education.
Games passed, and as of now the koopalings are productive members of society.  Wendy goes by Lady Wendy and runs an S&M business.  Roy is muscle for hire.  Iggy works for Microsoft. Larry works for an accounting firm, etc.

So where does Bowser Jr. come in?  Well one day, Bowser was feeling rather depressed, so he hit the local bar.  He got a bit loaded and saw a woman who reminded him of Peach, so he approached her and they ended up going back to his place.
The morning after, the woman turned out to be Daisy.  She woke up before he did and got [edit] out of there. Unfortunately, she also managed to get pregnant. After she had the kid, she left it on Bowser's doorstep and disappeared.

Bowser, thinking that Peach was actually the mother from his drunken recollection, told that to his son.  And so came the plot of Mario Sunshine.  At the end, Bowser thought it best that his son not pursue the idea, so he "lied" to him and told him she wasn't his mother, eventhough he still believed it.

A sad sad state of affairs.

~1) You're sick. 2) You swore, which gives you a warning.

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Game Help / Re: mario and luigi help
« on: December 30, 2003, 01:19:29 PM »
I just finished the game a bit ago, but I'm having trouble remembering. I think you're talking about Queen Bean so here's what I remember doing.

First, jump on her arms until they become little wimpy things. Of course, make sure to dodge all her attacks, like the shockwave and the bean spit...I think there's another attack but I don't remember. Now, once both her arms are gone, her crown will pop off. That's when you pull out the Bros. attacks, any one that ends with jumping on her head or whatever. Eventually she'll get her arms and crown back, but just keep repeating. I think that's how it went. Good luck!

Mario Chat / Re: Mario golf toadstool tour secret characters
« on: August 03, 2003, 03:45:59 PM »
For the record Petey Pirana is really good. If you know how to aim properly, his drive is amazing. Petey has a drive of 220 normaly, and 300 when starred, where Bowser (the former powerhouse of Mario Golf) has an unstarred drive of 217.

As for Toad, he hasn't got the arm length to handle a golf club properly.

Game Help / Re: SMW: SMA2 Help
« on: March 05, 2003, 01:44:46 AM »
*sees two people laughing and begins laughing for no reason*

Game Help / Re: SMB1 Extra lives
« on: March 05, 2003, 01:41:57 AM »
Yeah, I remember reading/hearing about that a long time ago....but I never saw how it could be done really. I mean, Mario's neutral jump is way too high for that to be possible...But I heard it from too many sources at the time to think it was just a glitch in one person's cartridge. Hearing from people who talked about the secret level access in 1-2 made it all the more frustrating, because that *was* real.

So yeah, this was pretty much a completely pointless reply that didn't help you at all, man. Sorry. I just wanted to get that off my chest...though maybe I should have brought it up at the GMC instead. Heh.

Video Game Chat / Re: Gaming's Changed
« on: February 16, 2003, 09:02:32 AM »
WHOOPS! I'm so sorry, I didn't realize I did that. I know I was thinking "Pink King Boo" when I wrote that....sorry man :\.

Know that I shall forever honor the name that strikes fear in the hearts of men...Pink! King! Boo! :)

Video Game Chat / Re: Gaming's Changed
« on: February 14, 2003, 04:57:57 PM »
I think Mario Master has a point when he says that Nintendo should team up again with Squaresoft and Capcom, because before their falling out, they were unstoppable together. As for Shigeru and Mario not having it anymore, I strongly disagree.  Mario still has alot of potential games. They may not make the same impact, but he's still got leverage before it's time for him to hang up his overalls. Yes, most Mario games end up being the same, but if you look at it that way, then pretty much all games are the same. Final Fantasy games are just about leveling up, getting specific items for each person, and beating some random guy at the end who is supposed to be a universal evil to save the world. Megaman games are just killing robots, finding Dr. Wily, and defeating whatever final challenge he has for you. They seem alot less fun when you look at them like that and any Nintendo enthusiast will most likely tell you that there's more than that to them.

Oh, and Pink Boo King, no I am not Atticus.

Video Game Chat / Re: Gaming's Changed
« on: February 05, 2003, 11:16:24 PM »
At risk of sounding like I just rehashed the general consensus, here's my two cents...

I agree with the original claim that gaming has indeed changed. We all know that 8-bit systems certainly did not offer top-of-the-line graphics, but it was due to the limitations of the system that game designers put so much effort in creating situations that were more and more "impossible" for gamers, to give them a challenge that kept them coming back. They knew there really wasn't any other draw.

Fast forward to the SNES. Wow, quite an improvement in graphics. Still a bit archaic by our current standards, but seemingly incredible at the time compared to NES. We still saw emergence of good games, but combined with visual draw, things became a bit more enjoyable. Granted, 4 buttons (not counting the d-pad or start/select) made it possible to pull more things off due to the increase in potential functions as opposed to the creative timing needed with 2 buttons, but environments changed to create more challenges.

Fast forward again to N64. Here is where we see a drastic drop in challenge past getting used to the abnormally shaped controller. Graphics were awesome, but without substantial gameplay difficulty, you get flops. What used to be an objective of drawing the player back for replay with challenge and graphics was now primarily graphics, and the more intensive console races made it worse. I'm not saying that N64 didn't have good games (Ocarina, Majora, PD, SSB) but the challenge was certainly gone from most of the games.

GC is still in more infant stages, so we can't make any real analysis until it's age is over.

Overall, I am disappointed with the priority of graphics over gameplay, but that doesn't mean that gameplay has taken that far back a seat with the latest games. I think that we've just been experiencing a time of experimentation and misguided attempts to lure consumers, but it will end soon.

Game Help / Re: super mario 3 for nes
« on: January 08, 2003, 07:32:08 PM »
Press Down+B and hold. If you press left or right while still pressing Down+B, the statue will change the direction it's looking. Pretty funny stuff.

Bowser: Who''s there?
Mario: Its''a me.
Bowser(to Troopa): Get the gun

Mario Chat / Re: Memories of a golden path via Mario
« on: August 20, 2002, 09:23:39 AM »
I understand how you feel, man. For me it was the first real videogame I had on my very first system: The Super Mario/Duck Hunt combo on the NES. Yes, the game was pretty straightforward, but there was something about playing through it for the first time. It began my still strong liking for gaming. I remember when I first faced Bowser (little did I know then that it wasn't the real Bowser) in world 1-4. My palms actually got sweaty because I was facing an enemy who's weakness *wasn't* being stomped on. Then, when I realized I had to run under him and jump that axe....that was something. I felt like I could take the game on and not break a, again. The levels kept on coming and the enemies became more challenging, but the fact that it was the first time I had ever played it produced a "dumb luck" that enabled me to marvel at the then advanced 8-bit graphics.

We all have a game that we struggled with that pretty much made us realize that videogames are more than hand-candy (yes, I know that sounds VERY wrong). Some people don't understand how these games can be challenging and that it takes hand eye coordination, adequate judgement, and the ability to take chances to truly succeed. Of course, there is a limit to this and by no means do I want to infer that I think videogames = life. It doesn't by a long shot. What I'm trying to say is that some people may think it lame to talk about videogames as fond memories, but they do evoke emotions and actual thinking; they do so enough to deserve the occasional "flashback."

....or maybe I'm just a sentimental fool.

Mario Chat / Re: Unfair to Wart
« on: July 29, 2002, 03:05:33 PM »
Overall, I think Wart wasn't even that great of a villain. All he did was stuff some fairies into a bottle. Wow...*that's* really hard. It takes real genius to kidnap Princess Toadstool time and time again....but then again, she isn't that bright, like many video game heroines.

Oh, and kingbowserkoopa, don't take that as a compliment as you are clearly not Bowser. And PLEASE try to use punctuation when you write, because you are turning your posts into more of a chore to read than they should be.

Video Game Chat / Re: The REAL console debate...
« on: May 14, 2002, 01:56:42 PM »
Ok. My two cents:

--The Playstation Saga will never fail. They will be very prominent contenders to Nintendo. Their games are not "crap" as was so eloquently put. The fact that they pounced on the chance to take Squaresoft as their partner in making many of their games (Squaresoft is oh so da bomb) makes them a worthy adversary. The fact that Nintendo messed up by denying Squaresoft early on with their games (sometime after super nintendo) has really hurt them, but they persist, no doubt.

-- Xbox is going to crash and burn. They released it at a bad time after Gamecube and PS2 came out, ruining their chances for hype. It's like some guy making a decent entrance to a party right after a girl makes an extravagant one. Bad move Microsoft. And in addition to that, Japan isn't really that enthusiastic about Xbox. They see it as an inferior machine, and Japan and the US make or break any system. Other countries just go with the flow, but those two are the powerhouses and if one doesn't for it, it's toast. So overall, Microsoft made a decent machine but used horrible timing. Basically, stick to computers Billy.

-- Nintendo will live a long and happy life. If they continue making quality multiplayer games and adventuresome single player games, then there's no stopping them.  Nintendo has pretty much had the monopoly on multiplayer (it's only contender being Dreamcast...let us never speak of Sega again...) and that gives it a good advantage over Sony (hey, of course I'm pro Nintendo. I just want to be logical in their superiority).  Rumor has it that they've reconciled slightly with Squaresoft, which could give birth to FF games on the 'Cube. Overall, Nintendo is here to stay. Long Live Mario and The Mushroom Kingdom. Three Cheers!

--Ok, I know I said never mention it again, but what about Sega? Sega lost it a long time ago. True, they made a very slight return with Dreamcast, but in the end, it was overwhelming. Unless they are brewing an UBERsystem, their days are numbered. Maybe they can get a coffin with X-Box and get a deal or something.

Mario Chat / Re: Why has Mario lost weight over the years?
« on: May 14, 2002, 01:39:21 PM »
Uh...I really don't think he's gotten thinner at all. He still has a huge gut. Maybe he seems thinner because he's decided to go for the baggy look.

Forum Games / Re: Mario Word Association
« on: February 27, 2002, 02:57:14 PM »


(hey, someone has to get the toilet runnin again)

Bowser: Who''s there?
Mario: Its''a me.
Bowser(to Troopa): Get the gun

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