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Don't worry. If worst comes to worst, I'll start posting his story! Bluto's been working all summer practically.(7:30a.m.-4:00p.m. Every weekday, and the rest is spent with his girl friend.)
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Hi. I didn't realize that people still wanted to read my story. Like DK said, I've been bustin' my hump all summer long workin' and visiting my GF so I don't get on the computer much. I'll try to get back to it soon. Please don't hate me 'cause I'm a busy little boy.

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Right from the start, this story seems allright. Can't quite say it's one of the best, but...Hey, I've read a LOT of Fan Fiction, now, and I'm not expecting anyone on this forum to be a master of writing. Yes, it's good, I'll gladly tell ya that much. Let's see...

Crystal, huh? Hey...The love of my life is named Crystal, too...Too bad she already has a boyfriend and doesn't seem to care about me as much as I do her, bla...Ahem. But if it's meant to be, it's meant to be, so I'll just be patient and...!!!

Oh, sorry! '^_^ Anyway, this stuff is pretty good. Can't quite criticize or compliment, because I read it LAST NIGHT, and don't quite remember anything in particular I was gonna tell ya about the style, etc. Anyway, just don'ty let periods of four years pass and have the Mario Bros. do diddly squat, all right? (poking at Sapphira, :P) Well...

Hm...Hey, I have an idea. Since other people have done it numerous times...Let's see...What do we want...? Action? OK. Here's the last action scene I typed. Just a shameless advertising, persay. Feel free to do it on my fic. Sorry if it offend you, but I've seen a lot of people do it, and nobody gets mad...Soooo...


"And in this corner," boomed Jim. "We have the Turtle of Treachery, the Vile Reptile, the King of Koopas himself...We have BOOOWWWWSERRRR!!!"
There was a drastic opposition of cheers and boos from the crowd as Bowser gazed at them all, suddenly feeling overcome with adrenaline.

On the opposite side, another platform was on its way up. As it rose, the man on it scratched his mustache lazily. He pinched the brim of his hat and lowered it slightly. And he smiled in a cool and collected fashion. His eyes- those blue jewels- radiated out seriousness and the burning desire to win this one. Mario was not normally like this, but...This was BOWSER, and, after all, he did have a reputation to keep when it came to fighting THIS guy.

"And in this corner we have him..." Larry shouted. "The Mushroom Monster, the Fireflower of Death, the Big Bob-Omb...We have MAAARRRRIIOOOOO!!!"

As Mario's tan boots clopped onto the green floor, he bobbed his head a little, his eyes hidden from hsi hat. The reaction from the audience was an even greater intensity of cheering competition. Even louder cheers than for Bowser, yes- but even louder boo's as well.

Bowser snorted at the red-garbed warrior as Mario crossed his arms over his chest. He slowly raised his head to stare down his 'arch enemy' with a confident smirk. Arch enemy, however, being a VERY bad word for it. Mario and Bowser...could be called enemies, but...They weren't, really. Just..rivals. Bowser wasn't really there to take over the world, he just...liked to stir up trouble. And Mario? Well, Mario liked a challenge. he liked competition. He enjoyed the rivalry. In mario's words: "The best way to know a person is to fight them." And Mario had fought Bowser countless times. He knew. He knew that at heart, Bowser was really a good guy in a messed up world. It was moments like this that Mario lived for. And moments like this that Bowser always looked forward to- only to regret shortly afterward.

"To a good match!" Mario shouted out, his voice cutting through the cheers and cries. His gloved hand was raised, and a thumbs-up was signed.

Bowser returned his smirk and gave his sign back to him. "To a good match!" he growled, sounding a bit unbecoming of himself.

"Three..." said the speakers.

Their eyes locked onto eachother, both sets sparkling on fire.


A drop of sweat ran down the back of Mario's neck, and Bowser swallowed roughly.


This was it...They both hunched over slightly, prepared to attack, and...


Both of their bodies sprung into action like rockets as they dashed madly at one another, their eyes still interlocked. It had begun.


There. Jus' a little appetizer. Wait...I actually didn't write any action into that part. Bah. If you want to see the whole battle...Read it.

Anyway, at least you give Luigi some well-deserved attention. I mean, I've always liked Mario MORE, but Luigi deserves some credit, too, of course. Always overlooked...:(

What happens when the universe is sent outta whack, Bowser is kicked out of his keep, and some of the most powerful and well-known villains of all gaming history combine forces?! A mighty War breaks out, that's what!

Ahem. Errr...Basically what I'm asking, is whether or not you'll read MY fic. Here is a promise I can make to everyone and anyone. If you read my fic and reply on a regular basis, (and let me know you want me to) I will gladly oblige and do the same thing in return as often as I can. ;)
Anyway, let's see what this fic has in store for me next...Shall we?

(MAN, these forums are SOOO SLOOOWWW! Sonic the Hedgehog would be barfing so bad...Anyway, just wanted to let ya know I'm pretty much caught up, and it looks like you're taking Sapphira's approach- but hopefully off in another direction.)

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HOLY CRAP!!! I am finally back in business!  Let's just say that certain things in life were preventing me from writing and posting more. I'm not dead, by the way, although I haven't been here in a few months. I know that I just kinda abruptly stopped coming here all together so I would just like to say, I'm sorry. Really sorry. Really really sorry. You get the picture. Anyhoo, I've been working overtime on this story so I'll have some new chapters for you to read over the next couple of days. Also, I have a new e-mail address, so I'll be posting under the name: Vash_the_Stampede. Cool huh? So goodbye to Bluto for now, perhaps we'll see you again.

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Like a sponge, thirsty I am!

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As promised, I have the next chapter ready to go up. If something sounds funny in it, give me a break. Its like 4:30 AM my time. So without further ado:
   Chapter 5
   Time Rolls On
Time had passed by in the Mushroom Kingdom and things had remained relatively peaceful. In fact, things seemed to be going great for a change. Bowser had not been heard from since the meteor shower, the princess was getting married to Mario which also meant they were to become king and queen of the kingdom, and Luigi and Daisy were also becoming closer as a couple. Things were indeed going swell for the kingdom.

Bowser, however, was miserable.  His campaign to take over the Mushroom Kingdom had come to a complete stop. He knew that with Mario as her husband, Peach would never be vulnerable for kidnapping.

*Maybe I should just give up.* Bowser thought to himself, *It might not be so bad getting along with everyone. After all, we could play golf... or something...*

“ARRG! What am I talking about!” he roared to himself. “ The situation will present itself, I just have to keep an eye out and be patient.” He forced himself to calm down. “I hope my scouts will bring me good news.”

At that very same moment, Peach was getting her medical test results back from the doctor at her annual check, and not all of the results were good. It seemed that due to a genetic anomaly, Peach would only be able to have one child in her lifetime. She was devastated by the news. She was an only child, and every night, wished that she could have a brother or sister to play with. It was her life ambition to raise a large family.

She struggled to maintain her composure.

 â€Are you absolutely sure that I can only have one child? Isn‘t there anything you can do?” she ask, her eyes full of tears.
“I wish I could help, but I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do to change it.” the doctor sadly replied.

Peach thanked the doctor for his help, and slowly walked back to her castle, felling very amiss about what the doctor told her. Unknown to her, a koopa scout had listened to her discussion with the doctor. He scampered back to Bowser’s keep to tell the tyrannical turtle the news.

Meanwhile, Daisy and Luigi were also headed back to the castle. They had been at the bridal shop being fitted for the wedding. Luigi, of course, was Mario’s best man and Daisy was to be Peach’s maid of honor. Luigi listened as Daisy talked, but his mind began to wander. He thought about his recurring dream about “Hero’s Blood” that woke him up almost every night.

*Why does it still occur? Was there more to it then Merlon explained?*

His thoughts then shifted to the love of his life, Daisy. He thought about how beautiful she looked in her gown earlier, and how much he wished he could express his love to her.

“Luigi, are you even listening to me?” Daisy asked.

“Wha... huh? Luigi stammered. “Sorry, Daisy, I just got a lot I mind. What were you saying?”

“ I said”, she began again, “do you think the weather will be okay for the wedding?”

“I’m sure it will be perfect” he replied. A sudden thought popped into his head.

*The wedding! That’s when I can do it! I’ll ask Daisy to marry me. After all, what could be more romantic than a wedding. I hope I can build up the courage to ask her.*

It was nearing sunset as they entered the walls of the castle. Daisy took Luigi by the hand and led him to a balcony. Luigi was very nervous but tried to remain calm.

“I want to watch to sunset with you.” she said, leaning closer to him.

“I’d like that.” he gulped.

The two of them stared in awe as the kingdom took on a golden glow from the setting sun. It was if all the kingdom was aglow with happiness. Everybody felt as though they were entering a golden era of peace and tranquility...

Sadly, they would soon find out how entirely wrong they were.

OOOOOOOOOOoooooo... sound like stuff might start going downhill. Tell me what ya think. Now, I'm gonna get some sleep.( If you haven't figured it out by now, I used to be Bluto)
P.S. If you want, you can just call me Vash for short.

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Alas, I am saddened. Nobody has responded to the new chapter. If you read it give me some input.

Who am I? I''m a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, tucked inside an enigma, neatly stacked inside a puzzle, located somewhere inside a conundrum. And now you know.
Who am I? I''m a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, tucked inside an enigma, neatly stacked inside a puzzle, located somewhere inside a conundrum. And now you know.


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I read it and it's good, and everyone else said it was good in some other topic...

Luigi likes to flirt in his backwards shirt!  Yay!
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Well, they should come here and tell me because I usually only go into a few topics.

Who am I? I''m a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, tucked inside an enigma, neatly stacked inside a puzzle, located somewhere inside a conundrum. And now you know.
Who am I? I''m a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, tucked inside an enigma, neatly stacked inside a puzzle, located somewhere inside a conundrum. And now you know.

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I read it and I really like how you plan everything a head of time so it makes you think about it more. This is one of the better stories I've heard and you're story and two other stories in the Story Boards are at the top of my list.

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All I want to know is when he will continue the story.

And now you know, the rest of the story.
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