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I was fiddling around with Game Shark and Super Mario Land the other day and I came up with two pretty cool codes. The first one gives you a "safety platform" at the bottom of the screen, and the other one makes the Star man invincibility timer last indefinitely (as long as Game shark switch is on)

Codes are:

017FBFC0 - platform at bottom of screen
0150D3C0 - endless invincibility timer

The platform code is interesting because the hex digits 7F are the sprite code, and it goes through the alphabet and every type of sprite. 81 is a [?] block, and 82 is a brick. FE is a blank space. Then the next two digits BF are the vertical position on screen, so if you changed it to BC, for example, that's higher up on the screen, and BA is even higher on the screen.

For the invincibility timer, I found that you could defeat every boss in the game except for the very last boss, the guy in the space ship. This guy you need to actually shoot as usual, otherwise you'll be stuck in the "boss room" until the timer runs out.

With these two codes you can run through the game very quickly. Be careful with the safety platform, because in some levels, you can get stuck between two tall pipes or other structures, where there was meant to be a bottomless pit.
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Code is not working on my side? Can I know the issue please?
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Code is not working on my side?
Which code is not working?
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