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Someone in GG's Fake SMS Cheats page asked for the original, so I clicked the little nexy oldest topic button for like an hour... and found it.

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Let me away from this boulder!


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Wow... and frostbite's cheat is still very cool.
See any other interesting posts on the way?

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Go Moon!

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Nah... I did find three "did you dress as Mario for Halloween" three "what did you get for christmas this year" four or five "favorite character" some concerning the lack of posters and quite a few complaining that you dont get anything better than a new end screen after collecting 120 shines in SMS.

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Let me away from this boulder!

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play as shadow mario:
first put your pet animal in to the microwavewhatever,then put it on +99999º,now wait until your pet explodes!then put the GC on;first put there mario kart double dash,finish the game,go to time trials and choose the character combination mario and luigi,then shout:
then mario wil hop off the screen and shout:
and starts to eat you,if you can see the screen,there is shadow mario under mario's driver place,then open gamecube and switch the game to super mario sunshine and say
-the jellypapaya is in the microwaves!
then mario will go to your kitchen and eat the bloop what is left of the pet,and die.then go play the super mario sunshine,everybody are in the mario's funerals.except shadow mario,he's in the noki bay dating with giftedgirl.shout:
gifted girl will slap shadow mario on face and go date with lizard dude.then lizard dude will say:
and kick shadow mario to the face.then shadow mario will be so mad that he is playable!
(peach is now daisy and shadow mario is luigi.)

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Play as Baby Bowser.Beat Mecha Bowser Without getting hurt or hit by a bullet bill

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I dun that on my first try.

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Let me away from this boulder!

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There was a rumor during production that Shigeru Miyamoto actually went to a tropical island off the coast of Japan. He visited this island to get ideas of how to design the setting for SMS. Because the whole island seemed perfect, he decided to sculpt Isle Delfino's likeness out of the island's exact terrain and features. The island is uncharted, but people were reported to have found photos on the internet of Shigeru at his visit.

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We need more fake cheats threads.

How to unlock crazy mode.

Do every single code on this thread and burn you gamecube at 350 degrees in the oven for 4min. Take it out and plug it in. Now you unlocked crazy mode, where every thing is super fast.
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We need no more fake cheats threads.


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No, we need no more (forum) noobs bumping ancient threads.
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How to fight General Scales and play all the level in Super Mario 64.

Are you disappointed that you couldn't fight him in Starfox Adventures?  Well, you can now fight him!  First,  you must have all the shine sprites except the ones you get from blue coins, if you sold any of the blue coins for shine sprites, then you have to start over.  And you have to be wearing sunglasses, this is very important.  You must bounce on toadsworth's head 100 times, no more, no less.  After you do, Toadsworth will go on a rampage and you must chase him.  He will eventually crash into a wall and you must enter through the broken wall.  Toadsworth will be knocked out and there will be a giant door with Fox Mccloud guarding it.  Fox will ask for all the blue coins in the game, but make sure you are wearing sunglasses while you are giving the coins, if you are no wearing sunglasses then then Fox will say your are not cool enough and will shoot at you until you lose a life.  After you pay, the door will make a dramatic entrance and once you enter, you will be in an arena will General Scales making a very dramatic entrance.  General Scales is extremely tough and his attacks take away 3 hitpoints!  After you beat him,  General Scales will scream and turn into Princess Peach, and the transformation will scare off Bowser and his son, and Fox will reward you with 10 1-ups and fill you shine sprite count up to 120.  And the ending will play.  When you reenter the door you fought General Scales,  you can enter Princess Peach's castle with the levels from Super Mario 64, only this time the graphics are much better and you can use F.L.U.D.D. and ride Yoshi.  There will also be 120 stars to collect.  If you want to fight Scales again, all you have to do is talk to Fox again, but you have to wear sunglasses.
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How to get the 121th shine.

First you must create a file in Zelda Ocarina of Time Master named DAISY, and play all the way through it without getting hit and with all the hearts and skulltullas. After that, you must go to the Mask store, and there will be a new Daisy mask. But the mask guy will tell you that it costs too much for you. Even with the infinite rupees from the skulltullas he will not sell it to you. After asking him 3.14 times navi will get angry and she will tell you to steal it. But you can't do that, because as soon as the mask man hears navi he will glue the mask to the wall.

Now, Throw about 20 bombs in the room, and go out quickly. After a few seconds you should hear an explosion and the door should be sent flying. As soon as you enter, you will see a portal to another dimension, and the shards of the Daisy mask being sucked by it, but when you try to get in, the portal disappears. Take out your memory card, and insert it in your Nintendo 64 controller and start playing majora's mask. The game will detect your Master Quest save file, and as soon as you start to play you will see a little cutscene of the shards of the mask falling in all termina. Now you must collect them all. This should be easy, if you got the Prof. Egad mask to make a mask radar. Not all of the parts are difficult to get once you find them with the radar, but one of them is particularly complicated. You must talk to all the cows in the ranch, and teach them to dance the macarena. To do this you must use your wiimote and your nunchuck. The cows will follow all your moves exactly, and you must be carefull to not make them hit each other, or they will cause an stampede and kill you. After teaching them you will see a half hour long video of the cows dancing. So you must do this on the first day, otherwise the moon will crash. If you did this correctly, the cows will stop just as the moon is about to crash. They will try to help you by forming a chain of cows that connects the earth with the moon. Climb them fast! When you get on top of the moon, dont go in, the last shard is hidden in one of the craters! As soon as you get it, Link will put on the Daisy mask, and he will transform into Daisy! Sadly this wont help, and the moon will destroy the Earth. When you wake up, you will still be Daisy, and the mask man will tell you that you are a thief or something like that,and he will put on an Empress Bulblax Mask, and he will transform into that to try to crush you. Sadly, as Daisy, you can't do much.
Instead of fighting, you must wait for for the exact moment before he crushes you, and take out the cartridge and insert Mario Party, fast! If you did this correctly, you will see you and the mask man teleport to the green field of the intro. Then all the other characters will come and save you.
Congratulations! You unlocked Daisy in Mario Party!
But thats not all. Now pick Daisy, and go to play the minigame where Toad raises a flag and you must go to the platform of that color. You must use Daisy's special ability to jump into toad's platform, and bounce in his head 15 times, until he falls. The minigame will end, but then Toad will challenge you to a special minigame. In this minigame, you must press the A button 10007 times while you spin the control sick counter clock wise
while you tap alternately L and R in less than 1 minute. But there is a trick to win this game easily! If you press the all the c buttons with the thumb of your left foot, you will win automatically!
Naturally, toad will be angry for losing again, so he will go berserk and he will try to run you over with his go kart. Go pick an item box and use it against him. After you beat him again, you will see the real credits. Congratulations, you truly finished Mario Party!
After that, smash the Mario Party cartridge against the wall. Grab all the little bits of what was left and melt them with a magnifying glass. Now pour them over your Mario Sunshine cd and wait until they fuse together. After two weeks, the cd will be ready. Place it in your gamecube, and start your game normally. But now you can use Luigi, Peach, Daisy and Geno!
Now, there will be special coins for each character, and only that character can get them. Except for Geno. He will be useless, and when he touches waters he swells too much, and you lose a life. Anyway, collect the special coins with Luigi, Peach and Daisy.
After you got them all, go talk with the mole, and give them to him. And then... he will finally give you... FINALLY GIVE YOU... access to the last level, where the last shine is! But it is not so simple. As soon as you get into the level, which is inside mechabowser, the game will crash. Don't worry this is normal.
You must take out the CD, and put it inside a CD-i. Surprisingly, the game will run! But be careful, as everything will have sloppy and ugly animation. If you withstand the nausea and get into the last level(you must be mario), master chief will be waiting you!
He will try to shoot you, throw grenades, run you over with his car. He must not get near you, or he will just melee you to death. Now, he is a very difficult enemy. The only true way to defeat him is saying to yourself "I believe in you Mario!", and believe it with all your heart! If you truly believe in Mario, your Nintendo toy collection will become alive, and they will go inside in the TV. They will then start giving Mario their energy, and Mario will transform into Super SayaMario phase 6! He will then unleash a Mario Finale on Master Chief, destroying him and the Microsoft Headquarters. And the dust settles, you will see the Shine emerge from the ruins. TAKE IT!!
CONGRATURATION!! You got the hardest shine in the game.

(Man fake tricks are fun, but I suck making them)
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