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Basically copy-pasted from another board, but I figured I should throw this here, since it's kind of an important event in my life.

So, Thursday a couple weeks ago (March 21st) started like most other Thursdays in the last couple months. Get up at stupid'o'clock for work, take an unnecessarily long shower, prepare myself for work, leave the house 5 minutes later than expected, and compensate by taking the literal shortest route to work to get there on time. This route involves traveling for about 4 miles on a multi-lane expressway, 80/94 on the Illinois/Indiana border.

For those unfamiliar with American highways of this sort, 80/94 is a 5 lane highway where the "slow" lane on the far right has people going about 20% over the speed limit, and the left lane runs at about 30-40% faster. I am in the second to right most lane, going about 70 mph/110 kmph passing along the right hand side of a semi-truck which is going slightly slower.

All of the sudden, the semi-truck driver flips his right-turn signal and immediately goes back to fanning (lol in-jokes on other boards) starts to change into the lane on his right. If you've been paying attention, you'll note that this lane is not exactly empty (that is to say, there is now a semi-truck that is very content with ramming the left side of my car). As luck would have it, I notice this and have juuuuuuuuuust enough time to merge into the rightmost lane to avoid this truck. I, unfortunately, do not have enough time to actually see if there's any cars in the rightmost lane right next to me which may make a lane change fairly difficult.

It of course goes without saying that there is a car exactly alongside me on the right when I try to make this lane change, and since I do not have a magical transmuting car that passes through solid objects, I hit this car and can't make the lane change. I have just enough time to swear about getting into the third car accident this month and fourth in three months and make the odd observation that the car I hit is speeding away instead of stopping (when the accident is not at all his fault) before I learn that the semi-truck STILL is insistent on getting into my lane at all cost, first slamming the front end of my car merging, spinning the rear driver's side end into the truck bed, and causing my car to immediately begin a very hard right hand turn into a solid concrete wall.

Fortunately, I recognise that things have officially gotten real and very reflexively jerk the wheel hard left while hard braking. The car skids nearly parallel to the lanes for a couple seconds before friction does its thing and forces the car towards the wall uncontrollably. Luckily, I kept the car in this state just long enough for the collision with the wall to be angular instead of direct, causing me to spin 540 degrees back into the highway and come to a full stop in the center of the rightmost lane. Fortunately, that extra half rotation causes the driver's side door to align nicely with the shoulder, and the driver's side door was the one door not damaged in the crash, so I was able to abandon the car quickly and run into the shoulder. My immediate thought at this point is "wow, I can actually still run after that?!"

My next immediate observation is the shards of broken windshield everywhere, and the stuffed fish I had in the back seat being... unsettlingly far away from the crash site, having been thrown out the rear windshield. I immediately call my parents at work to tell them what happened, which was great when the loud noises of passing traffic drowned out everything from the other end and I couldn't hear anything, while my parents got such awesome lines as "I totaled the car" and "you almost f___ing killed me" (directed at the truck driver who had just walked over to the crash site at the time).

Now, imagine you're a truck driver who has just been in an accident, and you see a mangled car leaking all kinds of fluids and a panicked guy on the phone who may or may not have serious injuries standing next to it. What is the first thing you say to this person? If your answer was similar to "There's really no way that could've been avoided," and to walk away back to your truck, then you may have a future career as a truck driver. You may also be lacking a soul, but thems the breaks.

At this point I notice emergency crews closing the right lane, a tow truck approaching, and a car on the shoulder that appears undamaged with someone standing next to him. I approach the man and he immediately asks if I'm hurt, and tells me he saw everything that happened in the accident and stopped to see if everything was ok. After a short talk the first police arrive at the scene. I give them my information, in the meantime the witness explains to the police what happened. Afterwards, I hop into the passenger side of the police car to give my side of what happened and to actually explain this to my parents, since I now can actually hear them and they're in complete hysterics over what they overheard in the first call.

About 50 feet in front of the crash, on the Illinois/Indiana border, there is an electronic sign. It flashed the message "195 traffic deaths in Illinois this year | buckle up and drive safely." In a bizarre coincidence, 196 is now my least favorite number.

I notice that the truck driver doesn't even seem to notice or care that there was a 3rd party witness, but is already telling the police about how my negligence damaged the cab of his truck (hint: I didn't even so much as touch the cab of his truck). I overhear that he's driving on a suspended license. Spiffy. Right before the officer went to drop me off at a local Burger King to meet up with my parents, he tells me he needs to issue a citation to the truck driver first. He does this, heads back in the car, and takes me to Burger King.

I get to Burger King, and it's about at this very point where the gravity of what just happened hits me like, well, an irresponsible semi-truck driver. Sentences start to become very difficult to form, and my mind immediately does its best to run a stochastic analysis of the probability of me being dead right now (I estimate it at about 30%). Either way, I get picked up, and stay home from work that day because I'm pretty much freaking out at this point.

The very next day we get a letter in the mail stating that the driver is suing us for damages to his truck, postmarked THE DATE OF THE ACCIDENT. I mean, wow, really? As for me, my right hand was a bit sore the day of the accident, but it stopped that night and I was able to go to work and do my job which involves a lot of writing with no problems.

Long story short, the truck driver was obviously found at fault, the car was totaled, and I actually got a higher than expected amount from the insurer for it. For reference, here's pictures of the car (attached). Remember: I was not injured in any way whatsoever.

I attribute me surviving this accident to either the amazing reflexes I gained from playing way too many video games, or picking the best time ever to throw a natural 20. Either way, I'm both happily alive, and a gigantic nerd.

So, yea, near-death experiences. Anyone have any?

Not at the Dinner Table / One set of laws for them... another for us.
« on: March 26, 2011, 04:01:32 PM »
So, you're a judge who is about to sentence a man who has raped over 40 young (not of age) girls, keeping many as sex slaves. What's your sentence? Death? Life without parole?

Ah, but wait -- he's a billionaire hedge fund owner! So I guess the right answer is 13 months. Yep. It should be exceedingly trivial to find someone who got more than that for prostitution -- in other words, it's more ok to be a kiddie diddler than to have consensual sex for money, so long as the pedophile is rich.

My point is -- if you think America is anything but a plutocratic oligarchy, you're delusional. Normal people get the book thrown at them for having an ounce of pot. The rich can (possibly literally) get away with murder. And, just wait until the rich actually own the prisons. Sound crazy? It's already happening.

Cliffs: "American Justice System" is an oxymoron. Discuss.

General Chat / Neat Mario Clone
« on: February 01, 2008, 03:09:45 PM »
This is a pretty cool game. It's a lot like the original Mario.


Up is jump, left/right is movement. It's only four levels but still fun.

General Chat / <X3 Valentine's Day Thread <X3
« on: February 12, 2007, 10:00:03 AM »
This is seriously the worst "holiday" ever, seriously. If you're with someone, you are perpetually bombarded with messages like "BUY CANDY OR DIAMONDS OR LUXURY CARS FOR YOUR SWEETHEART OR SHE'LL HATE YOU" messages. If you're single, you are constantly bombarded with implicit, unspoken "WOW YOU ARE SUCH A LOOOOOOSER!!!!1" messages. Or maybe that's just me being neurotic.

Anyways, if you think the commercialisation of love is a terrible idea and you feel the need to rant about it, here's the place.

General Chat / Cut the drama.
« on: July 14, 2006, 05:13:05 PM »
Seriously, it's like every single post I read on this sub-forum is either fuzzy making some semi-intrusive observation about something, or another member telling fuzzy to stop making these observations. Enough.

@fuzzy: There's a reason people are telling you to stop wording your opinions as you do. Most of the time, you're missing the "proof" part of your arguments, instead acting like the proof is assumed and insinuating that other people are unintelligent for not seeing as plainly what you do. When you give an opinion, you should back it up (the more extreme your opinion is, the more backing you generally need), and not condescend upon others when they disagree with you.

@Everyone else: I get the point. The entire forum gets your point. I'm tired of every thread becoming a fuzzy-bash. There's a PM function -- if you have a beef with what fuzzy or anyone else on these boards say, take it up via PM instead of running through three pages of how people make up statistics on the spot and the like.

If you have a beef with my message, feel free to tell me, but this drama is severely limiting the enjoyment I'm taking from these forums. Thanks.


General Chat / Message regarding the new polling feature (READ)
« on: November 20, 2005, 10:40:15 PM »
The new build of the Fungi Forums has several new, interesting features that make it a vast improvement over the former forum system. One of those I'm sure you've noticed is the ability to attach a poll to a new thread. While a poll provides a nice, easy-to-interpret insight as to what the opinions of the forum's members are, I have noticed a very disturbing trend regarding [ab]use of this new feature. Bascially, people are making a lot of useless polls "because they can." Based on the nature of this sub-forum, many of these new polls are turning up right here. I do not want this sub-forum to be cluttered up with pointless polls, so here are some guidelines I deem important to note before posting a new poll.

1) Your poll shouldn't have so many choices as to make the poll a mess. What I'm saying is, your poll shouldn't have so many different options that asking the same question as a poll-less thread is more effective. While there is the "other" response on a poll for answers that don't fit the mainstream, but not everyone should need to select it.
As a rule of thumb, if you can't make a poll with fewer than 10 options that less than a 1/3 of the anticipated respondees will select "other" to, don't make the poll.

2) Your poll should result in somewhat meaningful discussion. Seriously, "Pick a number" doesn't contribute anything. You can't discuss it. Don't even make a thread about it, much less a poll.

3) Your poll should mean something to the community. If you post something that is so pointless in general that people are asking why it was even made, it will be locked or deleted. If you, say, want to do research for a project in poll form, or something like that, that's fine. If you want to make a poll for no reason, that's not fine.

For an example of a poll that demonstrate what you SHOULDN'T do (It breaks all but the "too many options" guide), click here.

Just because you CAN make a poll doesn't mean you should. I mean, I know it's natural to want to experiment with shiny new options, but please do so responsibly. Thank you.

EDIT: For reference, HERE is a link to the official rules of the forums.


Mario Chat / Re: Hey,I'm back again(do you remember me?)
« on: July 14, 2002, 09:13:16 PM »
Hey, I remember seeing your name somewhere...

And, in case you are wondering, I am the sarcastic person from this year (Actually, I deem myself more cynical than sarcastic). I joined in March.

What? Someone made a really dumb comment? This looks like a job for...


That''s right! CynicMan, protector of tactlessness, enforcer of raw, abusive sarcasm!

Cynicman: What kind of introduction is THAT? It''s not even a sentence!

Site Discussion / Enough is Enough!
« on: February 12, 2004, 07:51:23 PM »
Ok then, before I begin, I'll take the time to acknowledge that I have posted a thread. Since I post threads here but once every two months or so, you KNOW this what is about to be said here is very important to me.

Over the last month or so I have noticed a sharp and disturbing increase in the proportion of threads here that have become little more than flame wars. I mean, it is absurd. One day I make an intelligent post on a discussion thread, and the next day I see it turning into a trade-off of childish insults.

The biggest trend I have seen is whenever sadib posts ANYTHING, regardless of the quality, somebody (usually the same person, you should know who I mean) fires a cheap shot at him. It sometimes isn't even his fault, though. This comment leads to more unfounded flames, and soon the topic must be removed. Sad, really. And I've seen it more and more as time has gone on.

Also, I recently saw someone make the following comment, under no provocation whatsoever:

"Insane steve, Your're really starting to **** me off!"

Quite honestly, I have no reason as to WHY I "**** this person off" because he never gave a reason. I'd like to know why, so I can NOT "**** this person off". I'd be like me saying that "You suck!" and not saying why. Please, if I am doing anything that is not to your liking (within reason), please say what so I can stop it. Thanks.

What does this all mean? I'm saying that this forum has deteriorated over the past few weeks, and it is being less and less fun for me to be here. The point I am saying is as follows: Stop the flaming, stop the insult, make SENSIBLE POSTS! Please! If this doesn't desist, I might actually have to leave. And I don't want to have to do that, but as things stand, I am left few other options.

PS: Seeing how things have progressed recently here, I won't be at all surprised to see this thread turned into a flame war or deleted tomorrow.

Thank you for reading this. Although some may see it as little more than a rant, perhaps even a hypocritical one, I hope you at least see what is going on here.

~Insane Steve

Forum Games / Insane Steve's Mario quizzes!
« on: September 14, 2003, 05:57:57 PM »
I signed up for that site being used to make quizzes, and I made a REAL quiz based on Super Mario RPG.

I will make more in the very near future -- but for now, here is the general difficulty of my quizzes, and what to expect from them.

SMRPG Master's Quiz!

YI Master's Quiz!

SMW Master's Quiz!

SMB3 Master's Quiz!

SMB1 Master's Quiz!

PM Master's Quiz!

MG (N64) Master's Quiz!

Here's some Non-Mario related tests.

World's Worst Mario Quiz! (Warning: Mild textual violence)

Have fun and good luck! (Oh yea, post your score)

And if there are any errors, tell me, ok?

Stupid Quotes: (3rd edition)

"People who drink cola deserve to be shot."

~Amanda S. (Girl that goes to the same school I do)

Edited by - Insane Steve on 9/22/2003 7:11:25 PM

Site Discussion / This is ridiculous.
« on: August 17, 2003, 05:14:45 PM »
Ok then, I'm sure that when Deezer recently gave certain members moderation powers, he meant for it to allow the boards to be more efficiently moderated - thus this means less spam, less bad posts, etc. A good idea, right? Well... it is a bit difficult to make good moderating decisions when EVERYONE KEEPS QUESTIONING THEM!!!

So far, I have closed 2 and exactly 2 threads on the General Chat board. Let's see what happened afterwards for both.

1st thread: Had 9 replies when I closed it. The message it had was deleted by Deezer, and I believed there could be no pertinent discussion in it. It now has I think 19 or 20 replies and a long disucssion over me being "out of hand" in closing threads - although it was the first thread I closed!

2nd thread: A post with over 100 replies - most being nothing but the word "Yay!" or people disparaging the thread. I closed it. The next day, I received an E-Mail from the started of the thread with no fewer than 19 thread that "should be closed by my standards". And a new thread has been started with the EXACT same concept.

I mean, seriously, what's the purpose of moderating when everyone is questioning your decisions? Deezer obviously believed that I'd make a good moderator when he asked me to do so. And I am merely closing threads that I believe solely deteriorate the value of the boards. What's the big deal? I'm just wondering why you all think my decisions are "wrong".

Stupid Quotes: (1st edition)
"I think just about everyone in existence agrees that Yoshi''s Island 2 was the worst mario game ever conceived."
~mego_otter - on Newgrounds

Fan Creations / The Third Attempt
« on: April 27, 2003, 03:55:17 PM »
Ok, this is the third fanfic I've written (Although the first I've posted) and the title is NOT simply because this is my third fanfic. It's because... well, read and you'll eventually find out!

If you take the time to read this, please comment on it. Good, bad, indifferent, I don't care. Be as complimentary and/or blunt as you'd like. Speak what you TRULY feel about this story.

It starts a bit ... cliché... but it gets more original as it goes on. Trust me.

Enough chat. I now present, for the first time EVER in legible handwriting, "The Third Attempt".

(This chapter took an hour and a half to type! Wow.)

Chapter 1: Bowser's Plan

It was a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Actually, it had been raining for the last 3 days on end, and everyone was bored, but what exactly defines a "beautiful" day, anyways?

Among those people who had been affected negatively by the rain were the Mushroom Kingdom's popular heroes, Mario and Luigi.
"Do you think this rain will EVER stop?" Luigi asked his brother. The two had been running out of ideas for what they could do during the deluge and were obviously very bored.
"Do you honestly think I can control the weather?" Mario replied. "Besides, look! It's kind of starting to clear up! I think."
"You know, I kind of wish something interesting would happen." Luigi commented. "I mean, Bowser hasn't kidnapped the princess in ages, and it would certainly help curve this boredom..."
"Luigi, you HONESTLY want the princess to be kidnapped?" Mario replied with disgust. "You really want things to change? Rain is one thing, and the boredom will someday pass, but the consequences of such an event may be irreversible!"
Luigi almost laughed at this idea, showing a certain bravado that he rarely showed before. "Seriously, when was the last time Bowser did something that's actually WORKED?! We have nothing to worry about."
The famous brothers continued like this for hours. In fact, the rains had given everyone in the kingdom a bad mood. Well, almost everyone...
Bowser paced back and forth in the grand hall of his castle. The constant rains enabled him to spend a great deal of time ruminating past events. His face showed an air of determination and anger.
"AAARGHH!" Bowser punched a wall in frustration. He put a rather large hole in it. "Why am I having such a hard time taking over the world? Why can't I ever succeed? I mean, every time I come up with this great idea, those meddling Mario brothers swoop in and ruin it for me! I've tried EVERYTHING!" Bowser was about to hit the wall again, but after seeing the vast damage he did with his last punch, he decided against it. "Why must I fail so miserably?"

Bowser was straining for ideas. The stress of falling flat on his face every time he tried to take over the Mushroom Kingdom had finally gotten to him. A MagiKoopa passed by the great hall after hearing the loud thud that came from Bowser punching the wall.

"MAGIKOOPA! GET OVER HERE!" Bowser's voice was quite vehement and authoritative. The MagiKoopa was rather frightened. He had been stealing coins from Bowser's personal vault while he wasn't looking and thought he had finally been caught.
"Yes?" The MagiKoopa came to Bowser. His voice was quivering and unconfident. He was quite scared.
"I have a dilemma." Bowser calmly explained his problem. He saw how frightened the MagiKoopa was, and not knowing about the stolen funds, thought it was due to his harsh tone. "You see, I have it all. Brute strength, total authority, a massive army of troops, charming good looks (The MagiKoopa strained to not laugh after this one), a stunning personality... and yet every time I try to take over the world, I fail miserably! It seems perfectly logical that with all the major strengths I have, it should be VERY easy for an enterprising  tyrant like me to take over. But alas, no. I'm sure I'm missing something... do you have any advice?"

The MagiKoopa was taken aback by Bowser's inquiry. It seemed not at all like the King to ask for anyone's advice. He hesitated for a moment, cleared his throat, and began.
"While those are all VERY desirable traits you have *gulp*, I noticed that you failed to mention something VERY important. Something that, if you learned how to use, would provide a great deal of help for you in your conquest."
Bowser was curious. "I'm ... missing ..something? WHAT IS IT?" His question seemed to have an almost desperate feel.
"You didn't say anything about your intelligence," The MagiKoopa explained, "And if you'd just use that more often than mere force, you'd be go much more successful! More importantly, you need to form a PLAN!"
"Here, I'll show you what I mean by this." The MagiKoopa handed Bowser a sheet of paper. "Write down what you think a good plan to take over the world would be at this very instant."

Bowser seemed puzzled. He truly felt that a "plan" was quite unnecessary, and his strength should eventually triumph. However, he consented, and hastily scribbled something down on the paper.

Plan to take over the Mushroom Kingdom:

1. Capture/Kill the Mario brothers
2. Take over the world

The MagiKoopa looked at this with a certain inexpressible discontent. "See, sir, THAT'S your problem. You just go along and hope that you can solve all your problems when they come up. Then a force that you COULD have prevented comes in and ruins everything for you! What you need to do is take steps to prevent these unseen forces from interfering what your assaults. For example, Part 1. 'Capture/Kill the Mario Brothers'. How are you going to do this? You aren't just going to go to their house and say 'I'm here to Capture -slash- Kill you, ok?', are you? You need to lure them to your castle and deal with them there! How can you do that?"

Bowser had no problem answering that question. "Well, I'll kidnap the princess! I have no problem with that. I've done it many a time!"
"There we are!" The MagiKoopa seemed pleased that Bowser was finally thinking for himself. "First, you kidnap the princess. Then, when the Mario brothers inevitably come, we..." The MagiKoopa's voice trailed off. Bowser let out an evil gloat upon hearing the plan.
Princess Peach paced nervously back and forth in her bedroom. She had a very worried look on her face. Toad saw this.
"What's wrong? You look ... upset." Toad saw the obvious despair the princess showed.
"I'm worried," The princess explained, "Bowser should have been here to kidnap me over 20 minutes ago! I fear that this time, he's plotting something evil, something truly devious..." She shuddered at the thought. "No one can imagine what Bowser could do if he only THOUGHT about how he wanted to take over the world!" She shuddered again.
"Maybe Bowser's given up on his dreams of world conquest?" Toad suggested. "In that case, we have nothing to fear!"
"No... Bowser's not the type to just give up..." The princess appeared a bit less worried that she had someone to talk with, but she was still uptight.
"Besides, we always have Mario in case the worst DID happen..." Toad said, "And he can do almost ANYTHING!"
"Yes.... I guess so... but still..."

All of a sudden, Bowser and his troops crashed (Quite literally; he went right through the ceiling) into the princess's bedroom. Bowser quite easily scooped up the princess and left rather hastily.
Toad shrieked. "Oh, dear! Princess..." Toad ran through the halls of the castle shouting "The princess has been kidnapped!" in a state of panic quite different than the mood he showed just minutes previous. The residents of the castle went into the bedroom to see the site of the kidnapping.
A chambermaid shrieked. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Look at that hole in the ceiling! How will we ever fix it?!?!?!"
"We have bigger problems now." Toad went off to inform the Mario brothers of the happening.
The Mario brothers were STILL bickering about how the day could be more interesting. They failed to notice that, for the first time in three days, the rain had stopped. Suddenly, they heard a loud noise outside. The rushed to the window and saw Bowser in his Clown Copter flying rather closely to their house. They heard the princess shrieking "MARIOHALPME!!!!!!!" in a very high-pitched voice.
Bowser gloated and replied quite simply, "You want her back? You have to take ME down!" He flew off towards his castle.
"Come on, we've got no time to waste!" Mario stated the obvious. "Let's go!"
Luigi went along, thinking to himself. "Why does she only mention MARIO? It's always Mario, Mario, Mario. Mario help me. Mario save me. Mario do this. Mario do that. I'm SICK of being ignored." He didn't show this discontent, though.

The brothers got to Bowser's castle rather easily, for the kidnapping of the princess had become rather routine, and they'd practically memorized the route to the castle. They got to the castle. After entering, and easily taking out some of Bowser's forces positioned to attack the brothers after they had gotten to the castle, they saw Bowser alone in the great hall.
"WHERE IS SHE?" Mario demanded.
"Ha. Haha. HA!" Bowser gloated. "I hate to disappoint you... but... *Heh* (I've wanted to say this for so long now) The princess is in another castle!"
"WHERE IS SHE?" Mario repeated his demand in a similar tone.
"Heh. I gave her to one of my generals... I don't even know where she is now! Of course... you can go ahead and look throughout the castle for her all you want. Go on, check the dungeons. Check all you want. She's not here! I won't stop you, either!" Bowser showed a good deal of confidence in his statement.
"Mario... this sounds a bit... like a trick? Don't you think he's trying to deceive us?"
"Nonsense!" Mario discredited his brother's claim. "Bowser just isn't that smart..."

The two went (Despite Luigi's advice against it) down into Bowser's dungeons. They were dark, cold, and also ... rather empty. They saw nothing. There was no one in the cells.
"Maybe Bowser wasn't bluffing?" Mario proposed. "Maybe the princess really isn't here. Where would she be? I honestly wouldn't know--"

Suddenly, a horde of Bowser's troops stormed into the narrow halls of the dungeon. Mario and Luigi soon realized they were vastly outnumbered. They had little chance for escape, and their options were quickly dwindling.

They had fallen into Bowser's cleverly prepared trap.

Congratulations! You have just been blessed by the wisdom of Steve.

General Chat / < Here we go again...
« on: September 19, 2002, 07:20:41 PM »
Yet another attempted wedge, don't mind me...

(They should rename this the "Attempted HTML board)

I am not a people person. In fact, I`m more of an anti-people person.
I respect your post. As long as you don''t insult my intelligence in it.

General Chat / Stupid Topic of the Week Awards!
« on: April 14, 2002, 06:20:08 PM »
Ok, I noticed a LOT of stupid topics, so I made the Stupid topic of the week award! This goes to the stupidest topic I see on the forums every week. The decision will be made every Sunday. Here are the winners for the first 3 weeks I have been here.

Week 1: Can i waste your time? - Cable04 - A joke that became a regular stupid post attractor. The topic that inspired the Stupid Topic of the Week awards. Stupid Rating: Funny stupid, and I actually liked it.

Week 2: BOREDOM HAS STRUCK IT'S VICTIM!!! - MamaMia Mario - This is a weird story that has only gotten weirder as the days have gone on.... Stupid Rating: Also Funny stupid, so funny that I actually posted a couple of coherent to the story posts....

Week 3 (this week): All of the posts on general Mario chat by MarioSpiceMeat - MarioSpiceMeat - Nuff said, just read them....If you dare. Stupid Rating: This is just stupid, and may be considered spamming. I don't recommend these, they are just stupid, and therefore worthy (?) of the award.

Will YOUR post win next week? Only your stupidity/boredom/wrecklessness can tell!

NOTE: This is not neccesarily an honorable award to win. So don't go posting random dumb messages to win the award.

*My real signature went on strike, said something about "unfair working conditions". So, this is a temporary replacement sig, until I can work things out with the real sig.

Edited by - Insane Steve on 4/14/2002 5:38:42 PM

Game Help / A strange question about Yoshi's Island
« on: March 28, 2002, 10:07:59 PM »
Is it just me, or are there actually 21 red coins in Level Extra 3 of Yoshis island? I could have sworn that I heard the noise indicating that I had gotten all 20 red coins in the level twice, once after getting each of the red coins carried by the hovering shy guys on the goal platform. I also thought I had 19 coins before that platform....

I am not crazy (that may be hard to prove); I have 100's on every level without a guide, and have already gotten my 100 on that level when i noticed this. Either way, The game only credits you for 100 points.

Can someone tell me whether this thought is true? BTW If someone posted this i am sorry, but this is my very first post here....

(PS, special thanks to whoever found that glitch in world 2-7... It is the coolest things i have seen in the game to date!)

*My real signature went on strike, said something about "unfair working conditions". So, this is a temporary replacement sig, until I can work things out with the real sig.

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