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I haven't posted here in over 3 years, thought I'd say hi. I've changed a lot since then, such that I probably won't be accepted here now. But eh, what the heck. Figured it was worth saying something to see if anyone remembered me at all lol
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Hey guys, just checking in. So glad this place and my old posts are still around.

I was posting here around the same time I created this masterpiece:
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Nice story.
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Yeah, I'm thinking I shouldn't have had internet access when I was 8.


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i joined this site, maybe when i started middle school? i was 11.
i graduated high school abt a week ago. i turn 18 in a lil bit less than 2 months.
rest in peace, old friend.
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Rest in peace? This site is still plenty usable my friend.

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Wow. I joined over 3 years ago. Feels weird.
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I don't recall when I joined.  The forums date is wrong though since it was revamped and the dates didn't carry.  Regardless, I see on the 'new' forum I still average greater than one post per day. 

As stated, the TMK site is very usable, but the forum is fairly dead.  How can we revive it? 
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Reviving this would require providing something other forms of social media don't already. Moreover it helps if the nucleus of a community is less mainstream than Super Mario; hence why lesser exposed and/or regarded works are labled "cult." Back when this site was active and people tried to steer the conversations towards more insular (to put it diplomatically) ends, it seemed to me it'd be more productive to join a community centered on those and ask if there were any Mario fans around rather than vice-versa like people where doing.

Mario alone is nothing to center a relationship around, especially if confines aren't kept and enforced. They weren't so people drifted off.

I infrequently do get the impulse to revist this forum because it was the first online community I ever engaged with. To be perfectly honest it's also one of the first places I really tried to earnestly socialize... and the results were naturally embarrassing. Some of what I said hang on me like the chain links of Jacob Marley. Some I still stand by, however, even if my approach was flawed; the principles in general are still very much resolute.

From gleaning the last few posts, even back then I was much to old to communicate with many of you. Holy crap, most forums have a 13 age minimum policy.

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The community does live on—not here, but on Discord.

It's especially lively right now with SMM2 just released!

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*Comes in drunk*

Heyyyy everybody... Just seeing if I have an avatar or not heh heh...

Oh. Things are kinda dusty, huh? Lizard guy and Boo Dudley and Luigison are all still posting, even though it's been so long. At least, they posted last year. But even that's pretty recent, eh? Well, cheers, cheers...!

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I've changed a lot since then, such that I probably won't be accepted here now.
Well?  Bring it on!  I definitely remember you, by the way--but until I saw Luigison's avatar, I had you filed incorrectly.

... So nobody change your avatar!  Also, my avatar is pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.  By the way, Luigison, I still have that epic stylus.  Regular toothpick styli don't even compare.
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Can you remind me the context of that epic stylus? 
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It's-a me, Markio! (I honestly don't think I've ever used that line). Just dropping in to say hello and see how things are going. :)

I joined in 2003 when I turned 13 and spent basically all of high school here. I left here around college age in order to focus more on school and real life issues (like seeking employment, pursuing higher education, dating, etc). This forum provided me both a real sense of community, as well as a stepping stone toward independence as a teenager. It's simultaneously comforting and unsettling to see that this place still exists, which all my teenage ramblings still viewable for the judgment of others. XD

A lot of the current news focuses on how politically divided the US is, and it got me missing the heterogeneity of this forum, with members as far away as Montana and North Carolina! XD I'm also planning a Mario halloween costume, and so I felt compelled to revisit to check on things.

Currently I am still in California, am engaged to a guy I've been with for 7 years, and am currently studying to get my license in clinical psychology. My fiancee did not play video games growing up, and trying to get him to play Mario Kart 64 was like teaching a toddler to hold a spoon ("Hold the A button to move!" "What's an A button???"). So I guess I just miss you all and stuff. Hope you're all doing OK!
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Oh man, any idea why this place is still around? It's practcally ancient! Ah well, as long as I can get acquitanted with some peeps here. Anyone using Steam here? If you see this username in other places, you can bet that it's me and no one else.