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Early beta footage of the first Mother game, and it's now English subbed! Thanks to GlitterBerri for the translation! Subbed by yours truly, too!

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Originally found on Nico Nico Douga titled, ファミマガ Video 【 1989年 5月号 (2/2) 】 (literally Famimaga Video May 1989), I stumbled upon this interesting Mother footage while searching for media on Mother 3 for Shat-Canned Legends. Same as the SMB3 footage.

The video shows the various differences of this prerelease version to the final version that my annotations go over. While there isn't anything hugely major to show, the path from Ninten's house looks to be mirrored, some game menu details are different, and the O on 0:07 is at the lower right corner of the title!

Very interesting stuff, especially upon seeing that these 80's Japanese game videos are from a completely different, simpler era. Innocent too.

Original URL. Because I don't want to take all the credit for this, as the video was originally uploaded and found on Nico Nico Douga. =)

Enjoy the contents.


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Obligatory BP post


I beat EB0 some time ago and don't really ever plan to play it in its original form again. Itoi wasn't kidding when he said they just quit caring about balancing the difficulty in the later parts of the game

Sometimes I wonder if the EB cast is really similar to EB0's for a reason... maybe a sort of "let's pretend like the first one didn't exist" situation. Neither really depends on the other...
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