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I just bought the game console with no gaems.


Despite LD telling me that blu ray movies were rape I got the first two Terminator movies on sale for 12 and 14 bucks. I of course purchased Speed Racer as well. The system came bundled with LittleBigPlanet and Wall E.

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Br26: EBEnthusiast
Didn't add me.  Hasn't posted here since sometime in May.  Anyone seen him?  Maybe on #tmk?
BriGuy goes on #tmk a lot. Maybe look for him there.


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Br26 and BriGuy are two completely different people, and Br26 hasn't been around in a while.


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My ID: WhyIs

I was trying to come up with an ID and everything seemed to be taken. In exasperation, and aware that I would rarely, if ever, actually take advantage of PSN beyond purchasing DLC, I picked "Why IDs". Too late, I realized I had spelled it wrong.

So, yeah... I'm hoping to have my first LBP level, "Take a Hike" up by Thursday. It's not that good, but it would be a lot better if I didn't have a crappy TV and have to deal with all these bizarre quirks in Create Mode.
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Reasons why PlaystationNetwork spanks Xbox Live

1. No bull[dukar] fake currency. You don't have to buy stuff that you then use to buy stuff. You give them your bank card number and you buy stuff in real time USD amounts.

2. Previews for themes and wallpapers. Being able to see what is essentially a purely aesthetic product before purchase is important and simple, yet it is something they don't want you to do on Xbox 360. Not only do you get a preview on the PSN, but it is in full screen!

3. You don't have to buy fake currency in predetermined amounts which you then use to buy stuff. I know this is already listed but goodness it is a refreshing change to see dollar amounts associated to each individual product in the store.

I have yet to actually play online, except for Playstation Home.

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Those are two small advantages to PSN, yes, but XBL still murders PSN in stuff that actually matters, like playing games, voice chat, parties, comparing achievements, profiles, and seeing what your friends are doing.


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I added who I'm assuming is Eclipsed Moon ("Lizard_Dude" sent me a friend request) and some other guy yesterday.
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Heh. Lizard_Dude is me, but I got my PS3 while banned so I told EM to post my ID and he did it that (clever) way.

I also recently got an unknown friend request from someone named something like bowl o' staples. Who is that?


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Probably Solidshroom's ex-stepmom.

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My PSN ID is Basillikos.

I'll be willing to play people in Street Fighter IV, King of Fighters XII, BlazBlue (when the disgusting weeaboos stop taking every copy from GameCrazy) and Resident Evil 5 maybe.

I pretty much suck without my fight stick though which i no longer have.
As a game that requires six friends, an HDTV, and skill, I can see why the majority of TMK is going to hate on it hard.


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Hey, where is Chupperson Weird?


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My ID is Turtlekid1.  Good thing I told you all or you might never have guessed it.  It's worth noting, however, that the only online multiplayer game I have at the moment is Uncharted 2 (which is excellent, by the way, and not just for its multiplayer; I'd recommend it to anyone with a PS3).
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Captain Jim

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TwinklyMuffin, o'course.
No! I don't want that!