Author Topic: Idea for a new game  (Read 1224 times)

« on: March 10, 2002, 04:19:47 PM »
I might create a game called "Spimickers"
And they have and egg-like shape for a body,
arms and legs,(No fingers and toes)
Something on there head, (Fire,water,Electricity or grass.Unless they're a speical kind)
And you pick them out of the ground and they help you battle.
The charcter you will use is a spimicker,
one half of his body is black,the other red,
He has fire on his head with some lava dripping down.
The second player or helper that will fallow you for the rest of the game is light blue,
Has a bomb on his head,
For him too fallow you for the rest of the game,go too Bomb temple,and pick up the bomb in.....Oops!
Don't wanna give away the secret!!!!!

Relpy about if it's too much like pikmin,
if spimickers is already tooken,
if theres something bad that I did'nt mention,
Or if you have an idea.

Don't expect it too come out in stores soon.
It might be zillions of years.

Paper Mario:Aha!!!!!
Bowser,I have you this time!
I went too this place called the "3D" world and snatched a bucket!!!!
Bowser:So?Your point is?
Mario(In a quick voice):
And I filled it with water!
Mario:And guess what I took along the way???
*Mario pulls a tub that already is filled*
Bowser:Wha-!You do-....
Mario(Interupts bowser):
Your days are over!!!!
So long-a bowser!
*Mario drags bowser into Tub*