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Yoshi's Fruit Adventure is the eighth and final shine sprite in Ricco Harbor.  I know how to get Yoshi out of the egg, and I know to get thrown by the guy so that I am on a ledge on the far side of the harbor (the one with a tree).  After that, I'm stuck.  I can't jump to the metal platforms sticking out of the water.  What I usually end up doing is trying to jump to a higher ledge (which also has a tree on it) and falling down into the water, destroying the Yoshi.  How do I advance, at least, to the metal platforms sticking out over the water?


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Spit juice onto the fish when they jump from the water to turn them into platforms. Ride them towards the shine sprite. This is most effective when Yoshi is purple as the platforms will move horizontally.
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Thank you, Bird Person.


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