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My results are not surprising. Side most with democratic views, less with libertarian and republican views.

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Ooh, tied with Obama and Stein. Interesting...


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I know it's past the election and all that, but:

81% Mitt Romney on Economic, Domestic Policy, Environmental, and Social Issues
77% Gary Johnson on Economic, Domestic Policy, Healthcare, Social, and Immigration Issues
60% Barack Obama on Economic, Foreign Policy, and Immigration Issues
51% Virgil Goode on Environmental Issues

Parties I side with...
69% Republican   62% Libertarian    53% Democrat    28% Green
Formerly quite reasonable.

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Statistically insignificant difference between Stein and Johnson (84% vs. 83%), slightly less for Obama (76%), almost nothing at all in common with Romney (11%). I think when I took this before and Virgil Goode was on the list I actually scored a higher percent for him than Romney, which kind of says something about Romney because I think Goode is a dangerous sociopath.

I apparently agree with 15% of the Republican platform somehow, which is about 15% more of it than I expected.

EDIT: I also apparently live in Kansas according to this poll. And somehow agree with them in 60% of things, which considering some of the stories I've heard about Kansas state politics scares me a lot. But no, I definitely remember voting in Indiana and, despite the lines for the polls being like an hour long for some reason, that it was very worth it to be able to cast a vote against "Rapey Dick" Mourdoch. I actually didn't even care about the presidental race (voted for Obama, but probably would've voted for Stein if she were even on the IN ballot), but the Senate race was that important to me that the wait was really worth it.
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The quiz has been revised a bit, with general party recommendations instead of candidate recommendations, and questions that are a bit more "up to date" (although some of them still seem a bit dated. I decided to take the test again for whatever reason, and also because my views on certain things are just a bit different than before.

My new results. I now side 96% with CrossEyed's posted test.

2/16/14 EDIT: I took it again after noticing that my place on the political compass shifted farther down and to the left when I retook that test.

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“Evolution has shaped us with perceptions that allow us to survive. But part of that involves hiding from us the stuff we don’t need to know."

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Says Green Party but I personally identify as a socialist.

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Time to bring this topic (and board) back from the dead for the 2016 election!



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“Evolution has shaped us with perceptions that allow us to survive. But part of that involves hiding from us the stuff we don’t need to know."

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I got Huckabee at 73%, followed by Sanders at 72%. Figure that one out.

This test would be easier if I knew what the heck to do with illegal immigrants.
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94% in Bernie's boat. There are some tough issues this election season!