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since i dont know a good zelda forum and my posts in the game help are never answered so i am posting here!

in the legend of zelda ocarina of time there are items that are like 300 rupees but you cant carry over 99
thats wierd

Mario:Ive quit my job as a plumber and i''ve become a sleasy pizzaman
Snifit:Id like a large with double mushrooms please.
Mario:here you go.
Snifit:This pizza tastes like @$$ and i feel funny now.
Mario:Well i didnt want to go and pick fresh grade A mushrooms case i''d have to drive a few miles to the supermarket Instead I bought the red ones from some drug dealin kid, and i picked the white ones from the little spot in my backyard where yoshi does his business.

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You have to get the Giant's wallet, which holds 500 rupees. get it by killing 30 Gold Skulltulas.

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