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I'm sorry that I put this in the Mario chat, but it's more likely that more users will read this.

I'm in the middle of my project of making a hack with Lunar Magic.

I have this problem - which may sound ridiculous to you - , but on some levels, the rom won't show the Yoshi coins. Everything else is the way it should be.

I read the help file many times, but it doesn't help, also the creator's homepage is gone, so I can't ask him either(not that he would respond anyway ^^).

Once again it may sound stupid, but I'm only trying to make a quality hack.

So any experienced LM users or experts, please help!

Thank you!

Looks like Bowser's at it again!
Looks like Bowser's at it again!

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I love that thing! I play with it all the time! Um, I think they have "layer settings" or some odd stuff. Don't worry about it. They made an update for it on, I hear. FuSoYa put his update on

Blam this peice of garbage! .....Oops. Wrong site....

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Ah, Lunar Magic. The great testament to my extremely short attention span. Finished 4 and a half levels of what was supposed to be my complete game hack, then never looked at it again.

I never had this problem. What kinds of levels (Castles? Underwater?) give you these problems?


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Thank you for replying!

Well, so far, I made approximately 25-30 levels and I only had this problem recently with 2 levels, but I'm afraid there will be more. I doesn't seem to be happening with specific level types (cave, castle etc..).
I'm not editing the overworld at all, only the levels.

These levels, where the game will show everything except for the Yoshi coins are:
-Donut plains 2 (underground) [9]
-Donut plains 3 [5]

In the help file I only found one place corresponding to the coins or Y. coins and that is "Change properties in header".

Now there, it says that the memory index setting should be 0 on the main level and 1,2,3,4 on the sub levels. That is how it is, so it should be in working order.

I'm really annoyed by this, because one of the rewards for the player in Mario games, for exploring the levels are Yoshi coins.
So now, when the player takes the time to actually wonder in these not so obvious directions, finds nothing instead of a Yoshi coin..

Thanks again for taking the time to reply!

Looks like Bowser's at it again!
Looks like Bowser's at it again!