Author Topic: a problem in Super Donkey Kong 2/Donkey Kong Country 2  (Read 2956 times)

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I have the japanese version of Donkey Kong Country 2 ROM, when I tried to jump on the crate for Rambi, the crate can't be broken! The only thing to get Rambi is to use a Barrel. But the file of my ROM is SF32020.ZIP. I need a crack of SDK2, so I can get this thing working.

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You're using the ROM of SDK2?  There is actually a very simple way to solve this problem:

1) Buy a Super Famicom.  (Try eBay)

2) Buy a Famicom version of SDK2.  (ibid)

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This isn't really related, but some sites call it "Famicon" and some call it "Famicom."  Which is it?

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As you all probably know, Famicom is short for FAMIly COMputer.  Maybe it is Famicon, because in all reality our name for the Japanese box is only a crude Japanese to English translation (I would assume).
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