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I know the name, mostly because I had to find a picture of him for the Poster of the Decade certificates, but I don't think there was any overlap between our time on here.
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Yes, I know who Watoad is. On occasion I'll even muse about whatever happened to him. Are any of the original staff or oldbies still in contact with him?

I have a standing invitation to go see him in northern Tokyo.

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What's he up to? Has he worked his way to the top of the Japanese corporate world?


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If I remember correctly, he's living a comfortable city life doing translation work. I rather envy him for being able to work from home.

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Lucky stiff. He should get on here and help us translate stuff. :P


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Hey, I had a stint as an J->E translator before I came to Japan, and let me tell you, the more you do it, the less you want to do it.

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I dunno, Clyde Mandelin aka Mato of Legends of Localization seems to love his job to pieces.

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Speaking of which, that dude really needs to hurry up on the next AVGN Topics installment.

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Just a random question. Is it frowned upon to post in/restart old threads?
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Only if the bump isn't worthwhile.
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I'm in a similar boat, in a similar timeframe. Visiting these sites for the past 8 years, and saw the downhill slide of SMBHQ, SM128C, etc. Used to love fiddling around here all day. Too bad. Also, NC was awesome.

And the unceremonious and mysterious end to lemmy's land. 3 years ago, never forget.

SM128C has been back for the past year as a (sort-of) blog now! :D

I do agree with how fan sites are kind of irrelevant now, everyone is just into click-baity stuff and social media stuff like Facebook and Reddit. It's sad in a way, but I revived SM128C as a more traditional style commentary.

MarioWiki is pretty good in that it has a lot of info, but yeah I have to say the quality isn't exactly the best, and it's being almost treated like gospel. It sucks how we don't have a lot of great quality resources because people are just too impatient nowadays.


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I visit another message board concerning NPR's Sunday puzzle, and it sees weekly posts and replies based on solving the puzzle. I think the forums lack the same incentive to revisit as regularly. There was always the appeal of socializing with the forum regulars, but I think many regulars have simply aged out of perusing forums (being an adult takes up so much of my time!) And without a steady influx of newer members, it makes sense that posts nowadays are few and far between.

Guess I'll have to search for people on Facebook. :p
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Facebook's not the ticket. All the action is on Discord.