Author Topic: You Rage (or Lose Faith in Humanity), You Lose  (Read 208099 times)


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No, people are definitely that stupid.


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* Luigison is not people
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They're the type of people who argue that building the Large Hadron Collider was pointless because it didn't solve world hunger.
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That's worse than the people who said that it would make a black hole and end the world.

For them if they want to know:
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I lost.

It's crazy to me that the WBC bills themselves as a Baptist church when, after growing up in a Baptist church until I was about 13 years old, Baptist ideologies are virtually polar opposites of the WBC's. I've never heard my pastor or any fellow churchgoers spew hate or anything like that in my life. The WBC is just a sickening hate group, nothing more. It pains me to see them, yet again, try to use a tragedy as an opportunity to be [dukar]heads.
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Would've lost if I hadn't seen it a million times before.
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I, on the other hand, have not. Lost.


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Lost hard.
I mean, wow, this is a concept I teach my preschoolers.
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Know the most important contribution of the organ Fund science girls type. It's true!

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Good sir


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