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Nintendo's official character manual, from 1993. It also outlines Mario's certified character traits. Mario is tolerant towards all except those scaly yellow/green-skinned *******s.
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This only makes me wonder what their character manual looks like now. Have the guidelines for Mario's portrayal changed in any significant way, or are they essentially the same as they were 22 years ago?

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(How sad is it that this thread is the first post in this section since January?)

One thing I noticed is how it says Wario is Mario's childhood friend, which was in one of those NP comics. Huh.


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I remember those Twitter posts. It's cool to see more from the guide.

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I never pictured Mario as a new-wave techno Europop or opera kind of guy. I imagined him rocking out to Skynyrd or Led Zep in his spare time.
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Is it just me or did Luigi look a bit more... neon?

Screw it, I'm checking before I even post.
The guide says that the color of his hat/shirt was to be PANTONE 361, which converts to HTML code 1EB53A. (Source)
From the artwork in the HUD in this SM3DW screenshot1, Luigi's hat is 02a82e.

In layman's terms, yes, his hat is a bit duller.

1Technically, SSB4 has the latest art for Luigi, but I'm looking for a non-shaded image, and SSB4 uses a slightly different art style than the main games

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In the Valiant Nintendo Comics, Mario refers to Toad as "Toadie" on more than one occasion.
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I'm just glad to confirm he's "tolerant."
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Mario is a kind-hearted fellow with a colorful and wonderful personality.  Why doesn't anyone realize this??
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All characters evolve over time if they are given enough appearances, both in gaming and outside of gaming.

Consider Mickey Mouse. His appearance has changed from the early cartoons, and not just because the original Mickey was black and white. He gained pupils around the time of Fantasia, has been portrayed as a 3D model, and even looks different in the theme parks (where he wears a bowtie for some reason).

Mickey's personality has changed depending on which media you see him in. He's more mischievous at times, but when Donald and Goofy are in the same cartoon, he's actually the boring one most of the time. Sometimes, he has more spunk, sometimes, he's more a leader--yet at the end of the day, it's the same guy.

Mario is practically the Mickey of the video game world, so it would make sense to adapt him a bit for different scenarios.

Other characters have more inconsistencies. Ever notice how Koopa Troopas can be on four legs or two, even after there was no excuse to be made for the limitations of a gaming system? Why does Princess Peach have a ponytail in Mario Kart but not Smash, where it would seem advantageous to have one? What is with Luigi's voice changing and being high-pitched in some N64 games but deep in others?

I know I may be overthinking this, but I figured I'd put some thoughts out there.


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It's been stagnating lately.
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