Author Topic: Expect a "new kind of Mario": Miyamoto  (Read 9162 times)

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It's also at least 50 times more cohesive story-wise.

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I actually haven't played that one...the original and some of the recent stuff sort of made it look unappealing to me...

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You have brought shame upon us all.
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N64 Forever you haven't finished one of the best games on the N64?
All your dreeeeeeams begiiin to shatterrrrrr~
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Wait, N64 Forever, did you say Paper Mario 64 was unappealing to you?
I'm not exactly the biggest fan (they're definitely good, but I'm always more of a fan of the traditional, absurdly complex and convoluted JRPGs, though I do like Thousand Year Door), but in terms of aesthetics, literally the only Paper Mario game I don't like is Sticker Star, and they're strong in every other aspect too.
Honestly, finish it.
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Paper Mario was hands-down one of my favorite games ever for a fair amount of time when it first came out. Even now, as much as I love TTYD as well (and will defend SPM), the original's structure and flow was still always my favorite.
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I think it's the style of the game that makes it unappealing to me more than anything.

Some of you may not remember these, but does anyone on here recall Colorforms? Paper Mario reminds me of that a bit, but with really simplified versions of the drawings. It was as though Mario took a step forward in design with every iteration up to that point, then stepped back to where he looked to be drawn by your friendly neighborhood third grader.

The style just turned me off. Perhaps I'll give it another shot at some point for the game play, but the style is just visually unappealing to me.