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One of many sources.

We've previously discussed the potential of an all-digital console. A quick recap:

-No trips to retail for software purchases
-Easier to find a given game - no artificial supply restrictions, no "you didn't preorder this game so you'll never be able to play it unless you pay $80 for a used copy or pirate it" snafus with niche titles
-Less physical space being taken up by games, and no pesky disc-switching
-Prices should be lower, especially with sales
-Publishers should be more willing to take risks, since they don't have the same concerns about shipping a set number of units and such
-Piracy should be more difficult

-No reselling a title, lending a game to a friend, or chancing upon a used copy for far less than a new copy years after a game's launch, and rentals through services like Redbox and GameFly would be impossible
-Prices won't be lower, if the existing console download platforms are any indication (look at Mass Effect 3 on PS3, or digital versions of PSP and Vita titles that cost more than a retail copy, or the fact that Games on Demand releases on 360 almost always cost more than new retail copies at time of release), and sales have already proven to be pathetic on any service that isn't Steam
-With physical distribution most likely out of the picture, it'd be unlikely that we'd get any more physical limited-edition bonuses
-As proven on iOS by anyone who hasn't paid their yearly App Store rent, and on PS3 and Wii by Irem, it's easy to pull a game from digital shelves, preventing people from buying it and sometimes even preventing existing paid users from maintaining permanent access
-"Publishers taking risks" really won't be any less of a joke than it is now, because risks don't make money
-Piracy won't be more difficult, unless you want to play online (and even then, good luck)
-Speaking of, just looking at my own country, millions of Americans don't have stable uncapped broadband Internet, and most of them won't any time soon (hi, Sam), so they'd be completely locked out of this console
-With everything reduced to an account-based service, it's entirely possible to have your account closed and be screwed out of your entire library, with no justification legally necessary due to the EULA you signed when you opened the box (and if you don't think this would happen, look at EA's PC-based digital distro system, where if you're banned from their forums you're also banned from your Origin account and locked out of your purchased titles)
-Instead of on-disc paid content, we'd get extra paid content that's part of the initial download we already paid for access to, just like on iOS and Android
  -And we'd probably get more incomplete games sold at full price and completed with enormous amounts of DLC, under the pretense of "episodic content"

-Unrelated to the all-digital thing, but Microsoft's already trying to show with the 360's current advertising line that games aren't the focus for their game console, and I see no reason why this would get any better on a new platform

Honestly, there are far too many reasons this will be a bad thing if it comes to fruition as described, and I won't support Microsoft or anyone else on it if it does. If this means missing out on a few "must-play" titles, so be it.


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All your dreeeeeeams begiiin to shatterrrrrr~
It's YOUR problem!


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I really want to want a digital-only console, but until everyone (me) has perfect internet and men (corporations) are angels, it's too impractical, for all the reasons you mentioned.

Still, though... I would really like to be able to not have to switch discs. But I guess that's called PC gaming (which I will get into as soon as I have $1000 for a decent computer (plus a couple hundred for a three-year warranty on it)).

(it's also called emulation)
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actually it's called not being a lazy piece of poop
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I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Gaming in the age of social media sucks. This is of virtually (pardon the pun) no benefit to the consumer.
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