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I hope Skullgirls, Fez (lol), and Spelunky! HD (loooool) are out before E3 so I won't be taunted by their existence if any of them are displayed at the show.
Skullgirls appears to be coming out next week, and Fez was confirmed for an April 13th release a few days ago. Now I just need Derek Yu to pull through.

(Mind you, that Skullgirls release date may be inaccurate, considering they haven't confirmed anything for it on the game's Web site or anywhere else yet. And the Fez release date is still listed on the Xbox Web site as December 31st, 2799...)

Back to June, though, I would also love to see Sega prove me wrong.


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I hope we hear something about Monolith Soft's Wii U project.
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And all of your wishes were just shattered an hour and a half ago.
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BP got some wishes (Miis kicked out of NSMB, Scribblenauts U).

And the Luigi's Mansion Vs. from NintendoLand is kind of like a wish for me.


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I am not disappointed.
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I got a Nintendo theme park (sorta). So that's one of my wishes fulfilled. :P

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For those of you that stuck around after the show and suffered through the horror that was the awkward Nintendo family:

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That needs more views immediately.

EDIT: Just four days after I posted the above sentence, that video skyrocketed from a couple hundred views to almost 80,000.
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I got new Fire Emblem and new Pikmin. The only thing that could've made it better was if Sega stopped dying for a moment and announced a Valkyria Chronicles 3 localization with all the extra DLC and stuff from Extended Edition for free in the US.

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