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Start posting how many points your house is on Animal Crossing.


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I had over 160,000 using green furniture (walls and floor) and rare items on the first floor.  On the second floor I had complete Nintendo, watermelon, frog, citruis fruit, and lucky Nintendo set with the fruity looking wall and floors.

I think you could make more points with jingle on the first floor and figurines on the second, but I haven't tried it yet.  Also, I think rare items like Wario's Woods give a lot of points but I haven't found it yet.

Does anyone know what items bring the most points?

This is what says, but I don't know it is all correct.

HRA Point System

This is how the rating
system works:
Completed Furniture series
Wall paper and carpet of
same series
Wallpaper or carpet of
same series
Complete necessities from
same series
Complete necessites from different series
Themed furniture
(per piece) 7,000
Themed furniture
(bonus for complete set)
Wallpaper and carpet from same theme
Complete furniture set
(per piece) 3.000

Points for each item
Items bought from Tom Nook 51
Items bought from Crazy Redd 412
Items from Sahara 412
Items from Wendell
Items from Gulliver
Items from Igloo resident 412
Items from Tortimer
(that can be bought)
Items from Tortimer
(that can't be bought) 1111
Items from Jack
Items from Jingle 1224
Items from Snowman 888
Gyroids 821
Tom Nook Lottery prize 1029
Limited time items
(Harvest series, etc.) 700
Clothes/Fish/Insects 3
(after appraisal) 3
Birthday Cake 1000
Completing museum
collection  1111
Starting a savings at
Post Office 1111
Maxing Happy Room points 1111
Winning Fishing Tourney 1111
Items from Animal Island 1300
NES games from
Animal Island 1983
Secret Furniture (e-Cards) 1000
Other NES games 1000

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