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« on: May 23, 2006, 02:15:44 PM »
Here you can tell all of the FF about what mario merchandise that you own. I got a preety nice collection.
                                                             Mario pillow case
Mario bed sheets
Mario car antenna thing
Mario puppet drink cooler
Mario DVD
Mario games (duh)
Mario gamecube skin
Mario BK toys
Mario wristband
Mario stickers

Note that the bed products and cooler are really old. (from when SMB came out!!) now the cooler is a cylinder shaped thing that came with it's own cup so it keeps drinks cold. Ithas hand painted overalls with the ORIGINAL color scheme. It has two arms with gloves and one is holding a mushroom. It has legs that are made with some thread with boots. and the top of it has mario's cap that you can remove! I always ask myself this: Has there ever been any mario type of food like a ceareal?
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My Mario merchandise consists of the games...
that's it... :-/
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-The games
-A nintendo Power Jacket with Mario on the front(wear it all the time).
-A mario action figure(wendys').
-A mario board game(wendy's).
-A 2 Mario Kart toys.
-A remote control mario kart.
-2 different Mario candy dispensers.
-Mario stuffed animal.
-Mario movie DVD.
-plenty of Mario clothes.
-Mario & Yoshi stuffed animals on plastic carabiners.

That's pretty much it. However I had the SM64 manual screened on my cake, but I don't have a scanner or any digital pics of it.

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Mario Kart 64 action figures: Mario, Luigi, Wario, DK
Mario Kart DS pull-back gashapon toys: Peach, Mario, Luigi, Bowser
Mario Party 7 gashapon figures: 11 in all (about an inch tall each)
Old Mario puzzle
Mario Postcard from Hot Topic
The four Mario bobble heads from about three years ago
Two different kinds of candy dispensers (PEZ rip-offs)
Mario gummy candy-on-a-stick
Mario bubble gum
The GBA with gummy candy
Camecube with gummy candy
Mario/Yoshi action figure
Luigi (from Luigi's Mansion) action figure
The four "Nintendo Characters Figure Collection" chaacters
Large stuffed Goomba and Troopa
Two plush Marios, Luigis, and Bowsers, one Yoshi (about 8" each)
A weird little three-dimentional SMB scene with magnetic Mario, pixel-ated
A Luigi fast food toy from ages ago.

There's lots of cool stuff from Japan for sale from import store on the Internet.


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whoa, you guys have a bunch of stuffed toys. I always try to get one to call my own but there not cheap!
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« Reply #5 on: May 24, 2006, 12:03:04 AM »
I had a shirt with Bullet Bills on it, but it fits me no longer.
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-A Mario Kart 64 Yoshi figure
-Lots of Mario/Nintendo Games
-About two Mario shirts

As far as I'm concerned...that's it.
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-About 20 beanies.
-A Yoshi remote control Mini-racer
-A Mario mini-racer
-A larger remote control Mario Racer
-Lots of ristbands
-About 20 Mario action figures (Actually, most of them are Mario!)
- 14 T-Shirts (Yes, I counted this time, although some are more about Nintendo itself than Mario)
-Mario is Missing (Uh-huh. That's right, I have it.)
-Okay......I'm counting the Mario games...........46. Dang, I thought I might have more. Oh well.
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Geez guys all I got is the games. Ive been trying to find a Mario T-shirt but I can't find them anywhere. When I do find them there all sold out. *sigh*
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I have:
Mario videgames and guide books of course
A Mario book mark
A stuffed Mario toy
A Mario action figure
A stuffed Yoshi toy
A stuffed Wario toy
A suffed Donkey Kong toy
A Donkey Kong action figure
A Yoshi action figure
Mario E-Reader cards

The following is what I used too have but not anymore:
I used to have Mario t-shirts and underwear.But I out grew them.
Also I used to have a Bowser action figure and stuffed Mario Kart toys also.I lost them all.
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Lets see...

About HALF of the Mario games(I THINK)...
A Mario action figure...
A Nintendo Sweat-Shirt(I don't think it counts though)...

Funny... I don't see any Mario merchandise besides games anywhere in this state...


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« Reply #11 on: May 24, 2006, 07:30:00 PM »
Found at a garage sale
Mario riding Yoshi action toy
Luigi fast food toy
Action figures of the Bros from the movie.

I have some T'[dukar]s that you can get at Hot Topic

a couple Japanese exclusive bottle cap thingies. (I got them from a friend of my aunt)
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I actually don't think I own anything but the games either...unless I can find that stuffed Mario I had.

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Mario, Yoshi, DK, and Bowser bean-bag toys
MKDS Luigi
MKDS Peach
Italian Mario toffee candy (bag and wrappers)
Toad Figurine
Mario holding a Mushroom Umbrella figurine
Mario Football Player figurine
"Mario the Music" soundtrack
"Mario & Zelda: Big Band Live" soundtrack
SMB Figure Set 2


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« Reply #14 on: May 29, 2006, 08:24:07 PM »
I've always wanted a Yoshi plush.
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