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General Chat / OCD
« on: June 15, 2004, 08:22:46 PM »
Does anyone here have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?  I'm just wondering...

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, especially if you have good aim!

Video Game Chat / Games you have, but haven't beaten
« on: June 15, 2004, 10:16:26 AM »
What games do you have that you haven't beaten?  I own uncompleted versions of:

Pokemon Red
Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Silver
Mario& Luigi: Superstar Saga

There you go.  Now post your pants off!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, especially if you have good aim!

Site Discussion / Mario Sighting
« on: May 31, 2004, 09:01:21 PM »
A while ago, like last month, I was looking at the Mario Sightings for no apparent reason, and I saw that Mario appeared in a movie called "3 Ninjas".  It just so happened that I love the Three Ninjas movies, and today unrelatedly I rented "The Three Ninjas Kick Back", and I saw the Mario sighting.  The three ninja brothers, Rocky, Colt and Tum-Tum, travel to Japan(I think to a town called Kojo), and when they're looking around at the sights from the car, they see random things, such as one of those giant inflatable slides in the shape of MARIO!  So the sighting is really in "The Three Ninjas Kick Back" instead of the prequel, "The Three Ninjas".  And he is dighted as a giant inflatable slide.  I just felt the need to say this.

Also, has anyone else seen these movies?  They were my favorites as a kid.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, especially if you have good aim!

General Chat / Potter Puppet Pals
« on: May 30, 2004, 10:11:13 PM »'>Click Here for the world's most hilarious flash movies in the universe.  Or at least out of the ones I've seen.  Watch them both, but watch "Bothering Snape" first.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, especially if you have good aim!

Site Discussion / A strange poll...
« on: May 29, 2004, 09:55:56 AM »
This is a poll to see how tall you are, and which hand to you use.  Here's me:

Height: 5'8"
Hand: Left

Go left handed people!  And right handed people too, I guess...

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, especially if you have good aim!

Forum Games / Scary Stories!
« on: April 23, 2004, 10:47:39 PM »
Basically, post a scary story you know.  But just one a post.  I know two good ones, but I'm saving one for a little later.  Here's one most people probably already know:

In the outskirts of a dark empty town, there was a large, dark forest that was almost impossible to find your way out of.  In the forest, there was a large mansion.  The mansion had many rooms, but one in particular was different:  the dark, small bathroom.  In the bathroom, there was also a changing room, which contained a single item of clothing: a tuxedo.  In the front pocket of the tuxedo was a small, red box.  And inside that box was........ a JELLYBEAN!!

A day without sunshine is like night.

General Chat / Happy Birthday Vidmatchr and Lizard Dude!
« on: April 06, 2004, 10:20:18 PM »
Um, so yeah, Happy Birthday, Lizard Dude and Vidmatchr.

''Your English grade is sort of bad, which is strange, because you read like a fish.'' ~my mom to me.

General Chat / Pixel Count
« on: March 22, 2004, 10:13:47 PM »
How many pixels are on a GBA screen?  I mean, ?x?.

Follow the butterflies!

General Chat / Elfwood
« on: March 06, 2004, 08:36:07 PM »
Has anyone here heard of the elfwood site?  If so, what do you think?

If at first you don''t succeed, try until you run out of syrup.

General Chat / Guys and Girls
« on: February 24, 2004, 12:11:10 AM »
Before I start, I just want everyone to know that for once in my life, I'm talking in a serious fashion.  This topic is basically about any guys or girls that have had crushes on other people and would be willing to say anything about it.

For me, I haven't had a "crush" on any girl... I think.  I have friends who are girls, but no crushes.  It annoys me, because two of my closest friends have crushes on other girls in my class.  Andy likes Ashley, Ross likes Maria, it's all a big jumble.  But mostly, whenever I talk to a girl and start trying to be funny, it always ends with them staring at me like I'm crazy.  I don't think it's fair, because there's a guy in my class who is pretty immature, and he will does things worse than me, and some girls STILL like him!  It doesn't make sense to me.  I mean, I'm not ugly at all, or anything bad.  Also, sometimes we'll be playing with little kids, and the girls have the great talent of getting little kids to like them.  Unfortunately, I can't get little kids to like me(once my friend's little sister tried to beat me up, I didn't fight back at all).  It makes me think that I wouldn't be good with kids when I grow up, so if I got married and had kids, they wouldn't like me.  And also, if I really like a girl that may look at me funny once or twice, I keep myself from having a crush on them, because I don't think they would be happy with me, because I'm like nobody's type, and I don't like when people are unhappy.  Basically, I have a fear of small commitment because I don't want to hurt or ACCIDENTALLY annoy other people.

There, that's my story.  Has anyone else had a crush, and did it work out, or anything like that?

If at first you don''t succeed, try until you run out of syrup.

Fan Creations / A Mushroom Tale: The Beginning
« on: February 02, 2004, 12:45:16 AM »

Luigi lay on the floor choking, his face turning a light scarlet.  He suddenly stopped choking and lied there, not moving at all.  Peach and Mario stood over him, watching with curiosity.  Luigi suddenly looked up, and said, "That's how Mario looked when he was choking at dinner!"

Peach stood thoughtfully, then shook her head, replying, "No, it was more of a standing-the-whole-time kind of choking.  Remember, he fell over after he coughed the mushroom out.  It was more like this."

Peach did an exaggarated version of what Mario had apparently done at dinner.  Mario was getting a little annoyed, and said, "Alright, it wasn't that funny."  But Peach and Mario were still giggling under their breath as they went to prepare for bedtime.  What strange things happen at Peachs sleepovers, thought Mario, as he reflected on the humorous, though rather absurd, imitations of a simple cough during dinner.

Mario and Luigi brushed their teeth, while the princess went to her own bathroom.  When the two brothers were done, Luigi went over to the guest bedroom, while Mario went over to Peach's bedroom to wish her good night.  He knocked on her door, and upon hearing no answer, Mario opened the door slowly and peered inside.

A window was smashed, and the curtains flailed wildly in the night air.  Princess Peach was gone.


Bowser yawned, and glanced away from his foreign affairs papers and looked at the clock. Ten thirty.  He yawned again, got up from his desk, and started walking down the hall to his bedroom.  His bedroom was at the end of the hall, and there were two doors on both sides; the rooms of his children.

He opened the first door, about to say a quick good night to Roy and Morton, but when he looked to their bunkbed, he saw no one.  The window was open, and the curtain was slightly ripped, as though someone had grabbed it to keep from going out the window.

Bowser rushed to the other rooms, to see if his other children were there.  He opened a door. No Iggy or Lemmy.  Another door. No Wendy.  The last door. No Larry or Ludwig.

Bowser rushed through hallways, finding none of the koopalings.  He rushed outside, stopping a little past the drawbridge.  In the distance, he could see some small black outline of a vehicle in the night sky.  He could almost hear each of his child's screams.  They were gone.  Bowser stood, dumbfounded, as all the emotions came out.  Bowser roared into the night sky.  It was a cry of fury.  A cry of anguish.  A cry of sorrow.

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General Chat / How does your life suck?
« on: January 17, 2004, 09:58:42 PM »
I'm in a bad mood, and I just want to know how bad everyone else's life is at the moment.  Here's my current situation.

I'm in eighth grade, as many of you probably know, and next year I go to high school.  But not a public high school.  I just sent in an application to a private high school two of my older brothers and my older sister went to, and I need to have good grades to get in.  Yesterday, at the end of the school day, I had music, and my normal teacher came in so we could see print outs of our current grades(the quarter ends this Wednesday).  I looked at my English grade... and it was a 50% F.  I looked at the assignments and the scores at the bottom of the printouts, and I had three missing assignments, all zeros.  One missing assignment was a persuasive essay I turned in late that morning that hadn't been taken into account.  All I can hope for is that it raises my grade 10% and I get a D-.

Also, earlier that day, two of my friends were talking about birthdays, and I asked one of them, "Hey Ross, you said you were going to have a party after Christmas Vacation.  Are you ever going to?"
"No." he said, sarcastically.
"So you are?"
"I already gave you an invitation!"
"No you didn't.  How did you send them?"
"I handed them out."
Then my other friend Andy said, "Ross, I think me and him were the two people who were invited but didn't get the invitation."
Ross, remembering something, said, "Oh yeah, there were two extra invitations when I handed them out."
I asked, "When and where is your party?"
He said, "It's at Q-zar."
Q-zar is a place like Laser Quest.  I asked, "What time?"
He replied, "I don't remember, go with Patrick, that's what Andy is doing."
Of course that's what Andy is doing, I thought.  Patrick's mom and his mom are like best friends.  I knew I couldn't do that.  My mom didn't know the other moms very well, and if Andy's mom was involved, I didn't want to join in.  The reason of this was because Andy always had people over, but not me, so I asked him why I was like the only one who never went to his house, and he said he never got around to asking his parents and his parents usually suggested to have so-and-so over.  So then I told him, obviously joking, "Maybe your mom doesn't like me."  Then he TOLD HIS MOM, and I can't go up to his mom now.  So this morning, I call Ross, hoping to find the time of his party, but all I get is the answering machine.  So all day today, I was miserable because I knew that pretty soon, or already, everyone in my class was at Q-zar, having the time of their life.  And I was at home, my mom convinced that I was antisocial and was actually not invited and that THAT was why I felt bad.  I am NOT antisocial AT ALL.  I always tell her that, and she says that it won't matter, because I'll go to high school next year.  BUT IF MY GRADES ARE BAD, I'LL GO TO A HIGH SCHOOL NONE OF MY FRIENDS HAVE EVEN HEARD OF.  And worst of all, on Tuesday when I go back to school, everyone will be talking about the party.  I'm always the odd one out.  My friends go places without me, and it's always because their friend's schedule happens to be in their favor, and they have parents who are good friends.  And because I laugh and joke all the time, they I don't care and it doesn't hurt, but I DO care, and it DOES hurt.  It's just fifth grade all over again.

*sigh*  Is anyone else out there as miserable as I am?  Or just a comment on my situation?

How ironic.  I try to put significance or eloquence into my signature on a message board.

Fan Creations / Stories in the Future
« on: January 01, 2004, 09:37:16 PM »
Is anyone here going to write any new stories in Story Boards soon?  If you plan to, you can talk about them here.

I was starting a fanfic about Daisy, Mario, and Luigi going to Peach's castle for a sleepover, but Peach and Daisy are captured when Mario and Luigi leave the room.  At the same time, Bowser's eight kids are captured.  It turns out Wart captured them all, and Mario, Luigi, and Bowser don't know it's Wart's doings.  When they are searching, they catch up with each other and have to join forces to save everyone.
But the story wasn't good enough.  I just saw Lord of the Ring 3 today, and I decided that I would write a different but classic story.  It's called: A Mushroom Trilogy.  It's going to be all awesome and serious.  That's about all I'll say right now.

I'm the "trick" in "eccentric".

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General Chat / Three words to describe you...
« on: January 01, 2004, 01:20:32 AM »
Um, yeah, so, write three words that describe you, and explain why each one ...describes you.  I can't go first, that'll scare you guys away.

I''m the "trick" in "eccentric".

General Chat / Birthdays...
« on: December 17, 2003, 08:54:15 AM »
When is your birthday?

Mine is on June 22.

No plate like chrome for the hollindaise.

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