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I was skiing last-night at a mountain in Marathon, NY, named Greek-Peak.  And when I was going down Trojan(one of the many greek named slopes at GP) And I did a trick that made up(I call it the human canon ball)  I croutched dowm hugged my knees and put my head forword.  I have a perfectly round helmet(thats why I call it that) Anyways, I hit an edge, and tumbled almost 100 yards(it seemed.  I broke my hand. Ouch!!  Have any of you done anything stupid, and paid the price for it???

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I fractured my ankle once. A kid was bothering me in the school yard in 6th grade, so I pushed him and we both fell. He fell on my ankle, and I limped all the way through school until I couldn't take it and went to the nurse. XD

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A few days ago me and my friend were sleding down a mountain behind his house. We were going quite fast and we decided to race. I counted down 1,2,3,go! But he left on three and I came after him as fast as I could, and went sliding from side to side uncontrollably and ran straght into a tree. The tree flung me off the sled and I started rolling and sliding down the rest of the mountain.

 I didnt break anything though!

Some things are good left unsaid. This may be one of them...
Some things are good left unsaid. This may be one of them...


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I actually have no broken bones, and I'm good at skiing. The worst thing I can think of happened in 7th grade... *flashback*

 It all started when people learned that I really liked chocolate milk. Occasionally, people who perferred soft drinks or sports drinks (How dreadful!) gave their half-pint cartons to me because they didn't want to waste it. Typically, I got 1 or 2 extra per day. But one day... A friend of mine was able to locate many donors. I ended up drinking about 6.3 pints of chocolate milk that day, almost 13 cartons. And this was after lunch, mind you! I found it very hard to walk and extremely hard to sit down again. I felt rather good, but I was also in great pain.

What have I learned?

"Don't eat a big lunch if you're going to drink a chocolate milk marathon!"

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I have never broken any of my bones, fortunately.

But I can't think of any accidents.
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My most recent accident that actually has made me have lasting pain (still do as I type this) was last Monday when I was at the skatepark.

I was gonna clear the pyramid, but want to shoot for a bit more air, I guess, or just to clear it without casing, but I pulled those bars up a bit too high as if I was gonna do an old school no hander, cleared where I wanted to land (I ended up landing almost at the tranny boots) manualing down the rest of the ramps onto the tennis court material then feeling myself loop out (fall backwards) and slam my left arm into the material. I was in plenty of pain and the rub burn marks on my arm were killing me and still are. They scabbed over so now every time I flex my muscle the scab cracks and it hurts. Almost feels like poison ivy... although I've never had it.

All worth it for a huge list of tricks added to my trick list that I can do now. w00t w00t <Napoleon>Yesssssssssssssssss....<Napoleon>
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I've broken my arms 3 times each, and a little while ago i broke my knee.  all of these were from regular activities, not snowboarding or playing hockey, all from just regular routinely activities man!

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1 fracture.  Left wrist.  Involves monkey bars.  That's all I'll say.