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I'd say all 4 of you are quite immature.

I have an orchestra teacher that calls me immature all the time. You know what? I am! It's awesome!

Luigison: Question everything!
Me: Why?

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Good for you. I have no medal for you.
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Mr. Melee

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I feel very bad for you, Luigison. I wish that you and your family will be able to recover quickly.
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Wow, that's terrible, Luigison. May she rest in peace. :(
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Good for you. I have no medal for you.

I'm just trying to say that I'm angst againts grumpy people who call others immature.
Luigison: Question everything!
Me: Why?


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At least Luigison's stepmother won't have to suffer anymore.  R.I.P.
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I am sorry, Luigison. I've lost family memebers pretty recently myself (none to a heart attack/stroke, however), so I feel for you. We lost my dad's dad just over a year ago. He was well into the second stages of Alzheimer's, and before he.. left.. he would have good days and bad days. I remember a particular bad day that I was told about.. He didn't remember who grandma (dad's mom) was, and kept asking her what she was doing in his house. She just went with it, but it was still sad. I do remember him apologizing for that, too.

Edit: Whoops! I hadn't realized it was the same post. I guess I have so much ANGST about it that I had to make the post twice. :p
Pardon me.
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Toad, didn't you post about something like that before?  I recall someone talking about trouble in a game shop, mainly with a rude employee.  It was pretty much the same thing.  I'll go try and find what I'm thinking of.

Edit: Yeah, you posted the exact same thing a little over a month ago

Same post
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I am filled with a great deal of ANGST!

Our house stinks. While I was at Lower Columbia College, these things happened:

My mother put some soup in the microwave and used the "Keep Warm" function, for when my father would come home. She asked my brother if he wanted to go to the store. My brother, who was playing Battlefront II, declined, leaving him alone in the house. Not too long after she left, the unthinkable happened. The microwave caught fire, setting off every fire alarm in the house. "Good thing your  brother was there to stop it!" some might think. But what did that genius do? He kept playing Battlefront until he could actually smell the burnt soup and fizzing microwave parts! By the time he turned it off and unplugged it, the whole house stunk horribly and a large amount of smoke-related streaks were formed on the wall behind the microwave.

Now I'm writing an essay on a Newsweek article with a wet washcloth draped over my nose. This... stinks.


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Yeesh. Never set fire to a microwave before, myself... Toasters, yes. The first toaster we had met its doom to my favorite Pop Tarts, the s'mores kind. I guess there was a hole or something and the marshmallow caught fire. The next toaster we got was a toaster oven, which I really kind of hated. I don't remember how, but I managed to ignite that one as well. The next toaser was another terrible toaster oven that would either do nothing or burn whatever you were making. Never in between. I like the toaster we've got now, a standard pop-up one with four slots for two individual simultaneous toasting sessions at different power levels. Ohh yeaahhhh...
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I've never heard of a "keep warm" function on a microwave before. If you used it with anything but liquid, you'd have some awful soggy food...
That was a joke.

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I'd say a normal oven is a better idea for keeping food warm.
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Day two and the stench hasn't gone away. At least nobody has destroyed multiple toaster ovens in this household...

Another ANGST, not too long after I posted last time:
  I had to go upstairs, through the dreadful and stronger smell and darkness up to my room. While holding onto a glass of water, acid reflux medication (to ensure I don't further damage my vocal chords), and MP3 player, I slipped in a plastic box. Having both hands full, I landed squarely on my posterior inside the plastic box. Getting to sleep wasn't easy; there was the smell of smoke and burnt soup to deal with and also a bruised rear end. Sitting is unconfortable today, to say the least.

On the reverse ANGST side of things, I found my calculus notes that I need to turn in today. Now I'm not so unhappy.

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The very first time I use the Wifi adapter to play MPH, and I forget to turn off the automatic Stand-by timer.  Midway through my 3rd round with some guy who was wailing on me with Trace, and I see the computer go black, and a message that there are not enough players.  I got kinda annoyed with myself, and when I boosted the timer to '2 hours', I must have hit something, because then the whole screen looks...funky.  I must have changed something about the background, because where the bottom should have been was about the middle, with all the icons black.  a few minutes later, it was fixed, but I would still have prefered to have continued playing my game, even if I was getting beat badly.

Edit:  And now, the cherry on top, I can't connect to find a game.  I don't know why it's doing this again, but I'm getting the same message.  It doesn't make sense for it to work one time, then not work another a few minutes later.
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I'm full to the brim with  ANGST due me being unable to make head or tail of Photoshop, even with the tutorials CTOAN showed me. All I wanted to do was color a drawing I made in pencil. *sigh*