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Who knows, maybe this is a dumb idea--but as a member of this board, I feel duty-bound to liven this place up when there is a drought of fun topics.  As you can see, I have attached my First-Post-Picture™ up there to put you in a good, silly mood.

Now, here are the rules:  You must share a personal video gaming secret.  This means one thing:  Nobody else knows about it.  Once you share it, it will no longer be a secret.  Okay?

But I'm not talking about "hold Down on the white platform and get a whistle" type secrets:  Everyone knows those.  I'm talking about secrets like the following--broadcast for the first time ever to you, the fine readers of TMK...

GAME:  Mickey Mouse's Magical Quest.  LEVEL:  Fire.

It's been a good... well, ten years since I've played this game, but I can remember the secret clear as day.  Mid-way through the level, there is a series of platforms above a lava pit.  At this point, I invariably think of the cute girl named Allison from my third grade class and how I should buy her a phone to win her over.  Why?  Well, I remember the first time it happened:  I must've been 9 years old... During this tricky maneuver, the stress had built up and my mind sort of released itself for a split second--like a bullet from the chamber--and the first place it went was Mickey Mouse merchandise.  From there, I recalled a J.C. Penney catalog with an entire section dedicated to Mickey Mouse merchandise, and I remembered how expensive and therefore high-quality it must have been.  I remembered the cute girl Allison having such things in her room--but she didn't have a phone.  I knew from Clarissa Explains It All that girls LOVE phones, and that Allison would probably fall in love with me if I bought her an expensive Mickey Mouse phone, because girls also love things that match what they already have.

I promise you that, to this very day, if I were to play the Fire Level, I would unwilling think that thought--plucked straight from a 9-year-old's brain.


When my brother wonders aloud, "How the heck did our GameCube controllers go bad like that," and I respond, "I don't know," I am a BIG, FAT LIAR because I broke them myself during a frustrating SSBM match.  Nobody suspects it, because they don't think I'm the type to throw things.
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1. After losing for the nth time in the mission "Death Row" in GTA Vice City, I went insane and ripped out the controler, swung it over my head like a lasso, threw it into the walls, stomped on it, attempted to set it on fire, and yelled profanities at it. When I cooled off a few minutes later and tried again, the controller worked fine, maybe even better than before. Man, those PS2 controllers are durable.

2. While playing most games, I like to pretend that the game is about zombies. I don't really know why.


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When I was 7 I chewed through the rubber on a SNES controller wire and blamed it on my friend Sarah. Sorry Sarah :(.


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Ny-wha?! You chewed through an SNES controller? Man, you must've had strong teeth.


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No, the SNES controller's wire. Not the body itself.

I'd share if my memory were that str-- Oh wait. I cried for about ten minutes from frustration after repeatedly (as in, more than six times) failing the Krazoa Test of Fear in Star Fox Adventures. That thing was seriously hard.

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Funny, I've never cried in frustration playing Starfox Adventures, and I found the Test of Fear to be simple.

It was the LightFoot Test of Strength that had me shouting obscenities for days on end (took at least half a month to finally get that done in my first play-through).

I've only thrown one GCN controller in frustration. I laughed about it once the control stick on it finally broke. I was more upset over throwing my green N64 controller to the point that a few things inside of it broke and it became unresponsive....I did cry when that happened.
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Heh, those Haunted Woods on Paper Mario scared me, and I refused to play the game when my sisters wanted to watch. I told them that it was to hard. I lied. Everything in those woods scared me and I put up the game for more than half a year. I would look at the game every now and then and refuse to play it. I was 11 years old.

I've thrown my gamecube controller more than once. I yelled at it because all of the sudden, Mario started going where he wanted to in PM:TTYD. He was out of my control and I got mad and freaked out.
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Hehe. This sounds fun.

When I finally beat Bonetail, I threw my controller up into the air and began to pound my chest like a madman. My mother came in and was like, "What the heck is wrong with you?" I felt so embarassed, but I still feel pretty good about beating that sucker.
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Way back when I was younger, I bought Luigi's Mansion for the gamecube. I thought I'd pick it up 'cuz it was a critically acclaimed title. However, I never played it. Why? Because I was too much of a coward to risk getting scared. Yah, I was a baby back then. I still am a little bit, but I've improved enough that I most likely would've played it now.

To bad I lost that game, SMS, SSBM and others during a move. :(
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People who throw their controllers are just wasting money.
Don't waste money, kids.

I very rarely feel frustration from games, because you can't be good at a game until you've tried something enough to get past it.
That was a joke.

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I get frustrated a lot in games, but I've never thrown a controller.

That's probably mostly because I don't have a habit of taking out anger on inanimate objects.
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So you take out anger on animate objects?  I've never got angry at or about a game.  I can only think of three times I've ever really been angry.
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First of all, I did not throw my controller in anger.
Second, I am not a kid.

New Secret: My brother and I play SSBM all the time. One day, I put the damage ratio up to 2.0 (while raising my handicap a little higher than his) without him watching, and when he came back, I started the match. He couldn't figure out why I was beating him so easily. I never told him what happened, or why I killed him in 2 shots.
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Even if the first secret isn't really secret, I'll share it.

I'm sure lots of people already know this, but I'm afraid of Like Likes from Zelda.

I like to disconnect on Wi-Fi when I'm winning for some reason.

I cheated on SMS by coping my friend's file to get all the Blue Coins. (I couldn't find 1. Just 1 more but no luck.)


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I never played the Big Boo's Haunt level until I was maybe eleven, because it scared me.

As for Pokemon, I got them in 1998... I beat Pokemon Red in 2005, and Pokemon Blue in 2006.  And by "beat" I mean defeated the elite four and stuff, not catch all the pokemon and all that.  I always play Pokemon for weeks in a row at some point in the year, usually summer or Christmas vacation, or just springtime in general. I've never beaten my Pokemon Yellow or Silver...
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