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I was wondering if there's anywhere I can still get a new Nintendo 64 controller, preferably in green (or maybe yellow). I'd want the Nintendo brand, not some knockoff (I've visited friends who have had them and they just don't feel right) and also I don't want a used one. For some reason my friends' control sticks are all wobbly, not too stiff anymore, and feel really, well, bad. Mine still feel almost new and I have no idea what these guys did to theirs.

I'm having company in December and may need a fourth controller. I already have the original gray one, a blue one, and a red one. Green would look best since my Game Cube controllers are orange and black.

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I'm sure you can order them online or through Nintendo.

Over time, the sticks not only on the N64, but also the Gamecube, wear out. This is due to overuse and pressure on the sticks. Smash Attacks in SSB/SSBM are a perfect cause for wobbly controllers.

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I actually found a really nice one at that, uh... Game Crazy, I guess. Whichever is the one part of Hollywood Video... well, it was in great condition and still is. What you do is check the stick when it's in the bag, wiggle it around to see if it's good. I can't guarantee you'll find a good one though, since they ARE used... Worth a try, anyway.
Anyway, my GC controllers NEVER got wobbly. Ever.
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N64 Controller Lubrication/Repair Guide
by David Dayton

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I got a couple of good ones (maybe not new, but their control sticks work fine) off
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Remember that your first Goomba boldly you walk? When Mario touched that mushroom being brought up more largely remember that you are surprised? Miscalculate your jump that pit remember that it falls?


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Well, nothing wrong with gray, I guess. As long as it's new and not used that's all I cared about. I might place an order sometime this week.

Thanks for all the input, and thanks for coming up with those repair guides as well. I really doubt my controllers will ever get that bad since I'm a casual gamer and all but if they ever do it's nice to see a workaround.


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I ove the seethrough violet color.
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N64 Controller Lubrication/Repair Guide
by David Dayton
Does he have any tips for GCN controllers? The screws are oddly (non-standard) shaped. :(

I've had more problems with my GCN controllers than I have with the N64 ones.
It's pretty lame; of my three GCN controllers, one has a sticky control stick, the other has a sticky C-stick, and every once in a rare while, reception goes wonky on my Wavebird, even if the batteries are new and the channel settings are aligned properly (not to mention the non-rumble aspect, which rumble is crucial or really helpful in some games).
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Hmm... I've had N64 problems, although as far as I can remember, we've only had two official controllers ever.  The one that became no good had a stick that would wobble pretty much completely.

I blame Mario Party, with all its control-stick rotation, which often got people to resort to their palms.  Never got bodily damage, just the controllers.

That said, the third party controllers were good, their sticks stayed stuck.  But two of them ended up losing the flat end on top (one of them broke off, one of them completely came off, leaving a thin metal stick that just hurts).  Another controller, the same basic kind as the other two, ended up having a sticky C>.

GameCube controllers are a bit of a different story.  We originally had two, one first-party, one third-party.  The third-party one ended up having problems with the C-stick (some sort of miscalibration), and the first party one had a largely unresponsive A button (that's the most important one!).  It probably contributes a lot to the fact that we never really played much GameCube (I had to get a new controller when I got PM:TTYD).

Basically, I hope you've absorbed the proper lesson from my useful knowledge.  And if not, don't ask me for a hint.