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Just wondering what everyone else does for fun besides playing video games.
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Besides video games I like:
- Surfing the net via Digg, StumbleUpon, and my RSS feeds on iGoogle,
- Reading science fiction.  Gateway, The Time Ships, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy are three of my favorite novels.  I also enjoy short short fiction. 
- Reading science.  Quantum and particle/string physics.  Genetics and live extension.  Artificial intelligence and the singularity.  Cosmology and the live/death of the universe.
- Writing.  Haven't done much lately though.
- Coding.  Haven't done much of that lately either.
- Teaching science.  Teaching my daughter to read.
- Mental and logic puzzles.
- Board and card games, but not ones based mostly on chance. 
- Pixel art.
- Education toys.  Lego.  Puzzles, not jigsaw.
- Making Miis. 
- Watching TV.   Myth Busters.  Dirty Jobs.  Dr. Who.  Science documentaries. 
- Movies.  Gattaca.  Fight Club.  Serenity.  The original HhGttG series.

I'll be getting back to exercising after I get over this awful sinus/respiratory infection.  I also plan to try some gardening next spring. 
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Quite the list you have there, Luigison. As for me, there's not all that much that I do. Aside from playing games, I visit this forum and its corresponding chatroom, listen to music, compose music, make games (technically only one game) and run, which I actually haven't done since the end of cross-country. I'll have to go out sometime. I don't watch very much TV at all.

...Wow, I need a life.
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Hmm. I don't think I have any activities I consider "hobbies". Of course, pretty much the only things I do right now are play games and do various music-related things (like getting my degree) and I guess I watch anime and read books and comics when I have time.
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Not a whole lot... unless you call driver ed a hobby...
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  • Surfing the Internet
  • Messing around with computers
  • Nintendo video games, especially platformers, racing games, and Smash Bros
  • Relatively old computer games (at the moment, I'm obsessed with MS Hearts and Quake III Arena)
  • Writing stories and poetry
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Certain TV shows (Simpsons, Family Guy, Two and a Half Men, etc.)
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Personally, my biggest hobby besides video games is Legos. I'm nearly 16, and I'm still a huge fan of the toy. Currently, I have over 200 kits in my collection, as well as numerous other related items (shirts, books, games, etc.). I'm also a member of three forums that deal with legos, on all of which I'm an active poster.

I also love fiddling around with all sorts of computer related programs and arts - graphic design, video game making (Gamemaker), programing, spriting, animation, rom hacking, etc. I'm not really good at any of them, and most I have basically no experience in, but I hope to put this interest to good use once I get out of high school and into college.

One more thing I really enjoy is writing - both creative and non-fiction. I'm currently working on a book length story that I'm doing bit by bit just for fun. I've also written a few letters to my local newspaper.

Besides those things, I also enjoy reading (of all types), watching a few cartoons on saturday and sunday morning, going to a local homeschooling group, hanging out with my friends, and spending time with my family. Oh, and surfing the internet, of course. :P
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I like to draw. I haven't done anything terribly note-worthy, but when I do, I'll scan it and share with the world.

Video games. Often what I'm doing in my spare time. If there's not a game controller (or handheld gaming system) in my hand, then I'm either drawing, at work, or surfing the internet. I was going to school to become a game designer, but I've since discovered that I need someone who can mentor me in the usage of Photoshop and Illustrator. Doing the online school thing just wasn't working for me, and I can't take classes about it here because there are none. All the classes in this backwards town are about things that'll draw you in and keep you here.. I want to get away.

I do listen to some music, though I can say that most of the current songs just do not appeal to me. Mostly weird songs from the 80's, and Weird AL. I really don't like that new song by Kid Rock that has Sweet Home Alabama as the background. *sound of disgust*

After those, everything else is pretty much equal: movies, books, games other than Mario..
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For some reason I forgot to mention that I also do a bit of drawing by hand. When I was young, I used to draw pictures of all my favorite airplanes from three-views in some of my books (it was a really big interest back then). Nowadays I draw mainly on the computer, but I have been doing a lot of pencil drawings lately to go with the aformentioned story I am working on.
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-Surfing the net.


-Drawing. I made my own big cast of characters and I really enjoy doing this (especially really detailed stuff). Some of my friends say I should try to make a pitch to Cartoon Network, but I have no idea how I would go about doing that. I wish I had a scanner so I could try posting a drawing...


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Music: My tastes are pretty wide-reaching, in my opinion:
 - Rock (Classic and alternative, from the early 70s up to indie modern stuff; Wolfmother)
 - Electronic (Mostly 90s-era breakbeat stuff like Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method, and The Chemical Brothers, as well as some house-style stuff like Daft Punk and MSTRKRFT)
 - Hip-Hop and Rap (Almost exclusively pre-2001: Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Run DMC, etc., although some modern crossover groups like N.E.R.D. and Lifeseeker are on my playlist, too)
Videogames: I used to be a heavy gamer, although now that I've got other things to spend my money on, I've cut down. It's mostly shooters, open-world type dealies, and DS platformers and the occasional RPG.

The Internet

Movies: Almost exclusively action, horror and comedy. Every now and then, all three.

Books: Mostly short stories and the like, and mostly Stephen King at that. Occasionally a series will catch my eye, like A Series of Unfortunate Events and Artemis Fowl.

Drawing: I'm going to try doing a comic book wunna these days.
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There's somethin' besides videogames? :0

I jest, here's my list.

-Drawing: Mostly fanart, and at that, mostly MOTHER based. However, I do quite a bit of original stuff.
-Acting/Singing: I'm currently workin' in Joseph and the Amazing Techincolor Dream Coat, which is an epic win show.
-Makin' Movies: I haven't done anything new lately, though I plan to when I have time. I wish more people would watch my stuff, though.
- Daydreamin': I consider it a hobby, and it save my mind from self-destruction in times of stress.
-Surfin' the Web: Did I really have to say this?
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Now I know this had to be a thread before. But oh well...

-Reading (sci-fi and Twilight Zone-esque stories; "unorthodox" books)
-Writing (publishers? Anybody? *Crickets*)
-TV, but only occasionally
-Organizing and cleaning
-Having people over for parties/hanging with friends in general
-Sitting around and pondering
-iPod-listening/song downloading
-Sprite colorizations
-Renting and watching movies (theaters if it's good)
-Buying offline

I don't really draw or play videogames as much as I used to (and I used to think those would be my future...).
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Ohh, this topic makes me want to have fun again.

- Video games. Although nowadays, it's been restricted to daily arcade visits and replaying Advance Wars, Pokemon Diamond, and Space Invaders Extreme. I wish my finances weren't completely drained monthly.
- TV. I watch a select number of shows and for the rest of the time leave it on CNN or History channel.
- Drawing. I've been practicing anatomy and shading more since nowadays most people don't realize how horribly inaccurate theirs is. Which directly leads into
- Criticism. Something I really love to do in the most brutally honest way possible.
- Awaiting responses from people who confuse criticism with bashing. Because improving yourself means never being told how wrong you are.
- Trolling. Without many friends up here, the internet has become my best friend. Nothing better than getting someone's panties in a bunch.
- Experimenting with food. Which leaves me with some strange dishes and an empty fridge within a week.

I don't really make or hangout with friends as much as I used to. Scratch that, I never really did it in the first place.
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