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I may not call this a glitch but,When I was playing SMS I was in delfino plaza with yoshi and I was at the fruit market spraying  the fruit with Yoshi's juice,then I accidentaly pushed the X button(you know,the one where Mario Jumps off yoshi)And yoshi was frozen in the position that he was going to spray juice!He was just sitting there with his mouth open......weird

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That's a glitch in my book.
Yoshi likes to dance in his backwards saddle!

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Yeah, I've done that bug many times. His saddle also stays floating in midair until you jump back on Yoshi.

Did I talk about this bug already? When you have Yoshi squirt juice and jump off when the juice is still on the ground, it turns to water, and if you squirt water and jump onto Yoshi, it turns to juice.

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