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« on: March 07, 2004, 06:44:12 PM »
This is the thread where you can share about the weirdest, the coolest, or the most tragic dream you have ever had.

My weirdest dream involved me having an obsession with cooking eggs for myself.

My coolest dream had to be this dream about my school winning the state basketball tournament.

I haven't had any truly sad dreams, but I had a dream that I tried to save one of my lady friends from a diabolical villain, but he killed her, I got angry, and destroyed him.

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I have had some odd dreams. In my dreams, I've been crushed by a collapsing building, I've been shot in the arm and twice in the chest, and once I fell out of an airplane and actually hit the ground. Normally, when you fall in a dream, you wake up before you hit the ground, but not me. It feels weird dying without experiencing the pain.

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I've had a wierd dream where myself and three other people, (sometimes they were my friends, sometimes they were three strange people)were driving a van, trying to escape a woman in in black, with red hair and sunglasses, who was chasing us. I have absolutely no idea why. It was very strange. We would do really stupid things, like driving off the edge of a bridge, and falling into the water. The only time we ever actually saw the woman, was when she came out of her car (a limo) and chased us on foot. She had a flyswatter in her hand.

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In one dream, I was actually helping Bowser do something! Bowser Jr. had a splinter in the bottom of his foot, and Bowser couldn't remove it with bare hands. So he took a crowbar and tried to pry the splinter out, and he put his foot down on a surface to help support strength, but the surface was incredibly hot, so his foot shot back due to reflexes. I took a block of wood and set on top of the surface, so Bowser could take the step without pain. I also held Bowser Jr. by his arms and shoulders and Bowser yanked the splinter out of his foot. That's when the dream ended.

I also usually have dreams of when a new Mario game comes out, and it's so cool, but I wake up to find it wasn't real.

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One time, I dreamt I was jumping really high on a trampoline in our driveway, and then a gang with a gun started running towards my house, and my Mom ran inside, saying, 'I knew we should've moved', and them I jumped really high, until I was over my front lawn, and I start spiraling to the ground, and the moment I hit the ground, I wake up, and my bed was all warm, ecause I was all tangled in the blanket.  Apparently, heat affects your dreams.

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One time, I had a dream, just before MK:DD came out, about driving in a cart... But with smurfs! I guess it was something like smurf cart: double something. But we drove around mushroom houses and giant pencils, and it was fun. I think I was the drunken smurf... Sleepers, I think it was.
Also, what the greatest type of dream is when you know your dreaming, but are still asleep, and with enough consious thought to utilize the fact that you can do anything you want with no possible drawback or punishment. I have only one recent memory of one of those, It were great... and rated E for everyone, with mild comic mischeif.
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Ah yes, the "lucent dream" in which you are omniponent.  That was sort of the basis for the Matrix trilogy.

One time I had a dream in which I was Neo, from the Matrix trilogy, and I was within the Matrix being chased by agents.  It wasn't technically a lucent dream, because I didn't know that I was dreaming, but I was omniponent anyway, because I thought that I was within the Matrix.  It was awesome.  I was defying gravity, bouncing off walls, decapitating five+ agents with a single swipe of my limbs...then I woke up.  Reality sucks.

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Yes, reality does suck.  I had a dream, I think last night, about Trainman and his friend making a BMX movie with a video camera for no reason.  They were on a dirt path, with a few ramps and junk.  What was weird was that Trainman looked completely different from reality.  He had long brown hair, like down to the bottom of his neck, and his friend looked the same, except his hair was dyed the color burgundy or some funky color.  Maybe maroon.  Then, even though he was filming with his friend's camera, the show was on TV.  That was a weird dream, but it had a TMKer in it... kinda.  I knew it was supposed to be Trainman, at least.

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I once dreamt about Goku being adopted by Super Buu, and moving to another planet somewhere in space. There was a montage of moments including one wear Super Buu transormed into a blanket for Goku and Goku said, "I love you Papa Bear". Then they entered some kind of father-son tournament. That's the last thing I remember from it.

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One time i dreamt that mario was at the castle (SM64 based dream) and mario soon came to a goomba! Outside the castle! So all these enemies started coming so he tried pausing (getting weirder). It frose every thing... Except the enemies! So he ran in the castle and the enemies came in there to!(almost full weird meter) So he saw LUIGI up the staircase on the left. (Weirdness: ////////__) And when Mario jumped up to grab Luigi's hand he missed and fell to the ground.(BINGO!) I woke up before Mario got disassembled.

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