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Ok. You should all know what I'm talking about. Yes, my children bretheren, "Back..... to.......... SCHOOL!" Ahh, it pains me just to hear those words! The sorrow I feel for all the kids that will be tormented for alteast half a year. The tedious lessons of teachers. Mine starts in about a week. Me must all help each other through this horrible time of the year.

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LAH LAH LAH! I'm not listening!
:( i know,school sucks. at least i see my friends for a long time...

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It's Mario's world, I just live in it. :)

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Why must people bring this up to me when I still have another full month of rest?

I told a friend of mine (who later got annoyed at me for some reason) that I won't want to hear any talk or bringing up any conversation that have to do with the S-Word for another 4 weeks.
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True dat.

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Those words strike thread into my heart.

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