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I've got first post!

Random Thought of the Day: I'm hungry

-Pegasus Team, slide ruler

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Oh, is that what this is for.

(Second post. 1 comma, 1 period, one uppercase letter, 19 lowercase letters, and 6 spaces.)

Edit - Oops. 20 lowercase letters. Oh, and I've just started a list of the top 100
stupidest banner ads that I see.

1. "Inside Carmack's Head"
2. "Win a free Polaroid"
3. "Win a 25MB Hard Drive" (Note - Megabytes, not Gigabytes)

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Nyah nyah nyah. Anyway, just to inform you all, I don't plan to post anything else on this preticular board. Sadly, said list has already been discontinued.

-The second and the last,

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well i was the first post on wmk bored

marios butt
marios butt

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Please, Peguses Team, can you tell me where the secret page is?

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its the counter for crying out load!!!!!!!!

marios butt
marios butt


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It's not the counter... Believe me, you'll know it's the secret page if you find it.

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what is on the secret page?

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Regarding the secret page:

1. What does the user gain by finding it?  What is the incentive?

2. Is it only accessable through the main (not splash) page, or could it be hidden anywhere?

I read the source code and found the message in October of '99, but I thought nothing of it at the time.  Guess it's kind of a big deal...
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1) If you find the secret page right now, you'll probably be disappointed because there's really nothing on it except a message telling you to send me an e-mail with the secret subject line so I know someone found it. With all the people looking for it now, I'll have to put some special stuff on it this week...

2) Okay, here's a hint: You can't find the secret page from the splash (index.shtml) or main (tmk.shtml) pages. It's on one of the 500+ other pages... **evil laughter** >:)

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Really?*look at HMTL bar and starts laughing*

(do i rule or what!)

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i think i was where you went!

go there again and look for my topic 'umm..'
i dunno what's goin' on, man!

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Um, wasn't someone looking for the first ever thread on TMK or something?  Um... I found it... I think...

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This was the first post in General Chat. The first post ever was me saying "Welcome! You have to register before you can post" or something.


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*takes picture of TMK artifact*

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