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Ok, so I don't know about everybody else but I personally have always had an interest in the workings of the Mario universe (AKA "Mariology").  So I decided to start this thread up in hopes of providing a place for people to have some actual serious discussions about the topic at hand.

Now, I know alot of you are saying "But Miyamoto has specifically said that Mario has no set storyline or any set rules".  But I say who cares?  That doesn't mean we can't still post out own theories and ideas about stuff.

Anyway, I wanted to start things off with a topic that's been bugging me for a while, which is, what exactly is the situation with humans in the Marioverse?  I personally believe that the majority of the humans in the Mushroom Kingdom have been wiped out.  After all, we know that there obviously are humans in the Marioverse, as rare as they may be.  For example, we have Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Mario and Luigi (of course), Il Piantissimo, and we see Mario and Luigi's parents at the end of Yoshi's Island.  So I'm thinking that there used to be a large number of humans in the Mushroom Kingdom but they have all since been wiped out.  Possibly by a previous war or maybe even a plague.

Anyway, please feel free to reply and post your own ideas.  Although, like I said in the title, I'd appreciate it if we kept this a serious thread and not have people saying "here's the perfect explanation, it's a game".

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If I recall correctly, Mario and Luigi's parents are toads.
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Here's the perfect explanation:

It's a game.

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Good one, Popple.
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Recall from where, exactly?  As far as I know, their parents were both human.

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Perhaps all the humans in the mushroom kingdom were killed in some great cataclysmic disaster such as a great flood or an earthquake or something? Except of course for the ancestors of mario, wario and so on.

Oh and is Il Piantissimo human? I thought he was a pianta.

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Nope, Il Piantissimo is a human dressed up to look like a pianta.

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"The bigger they are, the harder I fight."

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Another thought: If Princess Peach is a princess, then who the queen (and king)? If the queen and king are dead, then why isn't Peach queen? And if the king and queen are dead, how did they die? Same goes for Daisy...

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Hey Vidgmchtr, their parents could have been toads. Remamber the old topic about whether or not the 'shrooms on their heads were hats? Maybe they ARE hats, But Mario and Luigi's parents never put the mushroom things ont their heads, they just left them to have their normal red and green caps.
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I know what you're saying, I just stopped posting here because I realized how pointless this thread is.

Because, really, "It's a game".

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Well, think about all the human characters that are still there: Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Peach, Daisy, the eight kings from Super Mario Bros 3.  Obviously, there must still be humans around.  Maybe they're in a different area or island in the Mario world.  Like Piantas are only on Isle Delfino, and Yoshis are usually from Dinosaur Land.
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Even if the Toads are just wearing hats (which is a theory that I'm strongly opposed to) then they still probably couldn't be considred human because A) they have no noses, B) they have no ears, and C) they all differ from humans in size too much.

I've always theorized that humans have come from a different region that just hasn't been explored in the games yet.

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"The bigger they are, the harder I fight."

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I don't believe there was once a very large population of humans in the Mushroom World...

Think about it this way: If there's a World full of mythical creatures that are intelligent to human standards, how can there be room for the humans themselves to grow and thrive in populance?

I don't say humans are rare, but they are not enough of them to be so widely populated in that World. I mean, when we think of families (any sort of family) in the Mushroom World, how many have you seen with more than two or three kids?

Another thing: You have forgot that Gadd and most of the major ghosts in Luigi's Mansion are also humans; well, the ghosts were at least humans once...

Note: I plan to make a more practical thread than this sometime in the future...

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I thought that in the first SMB, the manual said that Bowser turned the people into blocks, stone, and mushrooms.  Does that mean that everyone was human but Bowser turned them into mushroom people just for... fun?  I dunno I'm lost. (and seriously... we know it's a game, just let people have some fun!)

Other theories: Peach's parents were turned into mushroom people as well.  In SMRPG, her grandma was a mushroom person after all.  Perhaps Bowser kidnapped them and locked them up in a new dimension (like Subcon or the Waffle Kingdom!).  Or maybe he turned them into Koopa Troopas somehow.  That would make an interesting plot for a game.

Koopa Kids and Bowser Jr.: Ish, I hate to talk about this.  Either "BJ" is the eighth kid or he is all of the 7 kids combined somehow (like Mario Party 5 in reverse).  Bad theory but what else is there?  "The servers are the seven koopas."

Bowser's wife: She was turned into a human and that human is... Peach!!  Lol, just kidding.  Since there's no games that even talk about her I'll just make stuff up and say that she is locked away in yet another dimension and every once in awhile Bowser will rescue her and they will... have more children.  Yet another great plot idea and one for a Bowser game at that!

Mario and Luigi twins?: If a stork brought them to the MK then how can you figure out their exact ages?  They could be a few seconds in difference or a few months or something.

Birdo guy and girl?: There's more than one pink dinosaur with puffy lips you know, so there could also be guys who dress up as girls. (ew)

Poison mushroom purple AND green (in PM2): Different mushrooms disguised as 1-ups.  Yikes!

Mario's parents: Also turned into blocks or something.  In my theory they sent Mario and Luigi away to the real world when Bowser began to take over and told them to become plumbers when they grew up so they could one day return and save the Mushroom Kingdom. (I think I just destroyed my idea for a possible fan fic)  Or maybe the parents were kidnapped like almost EVERYONE I have mentioned!!

Wario and Waluigi: I haven't played that many Wario games to know much about the facts.  If they're not related I just think that Wario is some kind of evil clone of Mario created by Megikoopa to destroy him.  Waluigi... was a mistake. :)

Those are my rediculous theories, but I'm going to stick with them until I hear some better ones.  As long as time machines, clones, and magic exist we will always have crazy ideas.

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The alien king dropped 500 children from Plane Krypton. And then all of the animals went insane at the site of a metior.

It's a GAME!!!! It's fun to know stuff about the games, but does it REALLY MATTER who Mario and Luigi's Mommy and Daddy are?
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