Author Topic: (Video) Interview with Super Mario Kart Sound Composer Taro Bando  (Read 3646 times)

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Good afternoon Fungi Forums. I came across this footage of Super Mario Kart in a Japanese promotional laserdisc I've had for a while now and it was only a week ago or so that I finally decided to upload the footage online and share it to the internet. If you're interested, please give it a look.

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In this brief interview, taking place sometime in late-1992,* SMK sound composer Taro Bando and GTV host Koji Watanabe discuss the just-released Super Mario Kart for Super Famicom. I do not have subtitles for this interview yet, but if SMK is as popular as I think it is maybe someone (here) will come along and provide a translation.

*According to this site, the release date for this LD was on 12/21/1992.

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I do love me some obscure vidcon memorabilia. Thank you for going through the trouble of uploading this.

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Taro Bando helped do the music to F-Zero X, didn't he? That dude rules.