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    If any of you has played The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Kirby games, and Chrono Trigger, you might see some similarities.

    In Zelda 3, when you go down to the seventh basement to fight the boss in the Ice Palace in the Dark Wold, you find Kholdstare, a pinkish, cloudy, and cycloptic creature. And if you walk around it (before/after thawing its ice out), it'll keep looking at you.

    Now in the Kirby series, does'nt matter which, you'll find the boss, Kracko. What's weird is, in his cloudy form, he has a striking resemblance to Kholdstare (cloudy, cycloptic, looks at you, etc)!

    Now, Chrono Trigger... The Turrets on the Blackbird ship and the Martellos in the Black Omen kind of, if not resemble the former two.

....If any of you have screenshots of the any of the four, let me know!

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I have all those ROMs... so I suppose I COULD get screen shots, considering I haven't been through the Black Omen much...

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