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You might've heard about the comedy film The Interview, that movie about assassinating Kim Jong-un that probably had a lot of laughs at the North Korean government's expense. Welp, after some threats to carry out terrorist attacks on movie theaters that were planning to show the movie, many big cinema chains backed out of showing it, and thus, Sony more or less had no choice but to cancel the premiere.

Would the movie even been worth watching? I don't know. In fact, there's a pretty high possibility that it sucks. But I do know that a group known as TOTALLY NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE NORTH KOREAN GOVERNMENT, GUYS! the "Guardians of Peace" hacked Sony and demanded that they pull the plug on "the movie of terrorism", then they warned of attacks on movie theaters showing it (as well as the premiere in New York), telling people to "remember the 11th of September 2001", and now the movie's more or less dead. 44 million bucks down the drain.

Terrorism works! is a comedy movie about killing a real person. Many would argue the movie's in bad taste, and they may be right, but I personally see no reason to give a [dukar] about Kim Jong-un's feelings. Does he give a [dukar] about the insane human rights violations his government's continuing to commit upon their own people on a daily basis? At least we got to see Team America: World Police with no problems.
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Wonder if this will become a "great lost film", or if it'll see eventual release.
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This movie theater was gonna show Team America for free in protest, and other theaters were gonna follow suit...until Paramount told them they weren't allowed! No one even threatened Paramount!