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.com doesn't work.  It takes you here.

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Sorry, should've read the rules and guidelines. 


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The fact that you said "should've" instead of "should of" makes up for any rule-breaking in my eyes.
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Funny how in the old days, the Star Fox comics were either on one website on the entire Internet or just weren't available, but now there's a few websites with them (yet only Arwing Landing has high-resolution scans of the original). Maybe I just wasn't any good at searching with (insert whatever search engine I used before Google was invented). Maybe it was Excite, being I kept seeing "Powered by Excite" whenever I searched.

I keep forgetting about cammiluna, one of LunaYoshi's friends. Cammi did a fanart of what Falco would look like in Krystal's outfit.
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