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I noticed this wasn't listed in the "Merchandise" section, so I thought it would be worth mentioning:
When I was a kid I remember having this comic book that was based on Super Mario World. The plot was some weird stuff about Bowser hiring Magikoopa hypnotizing Princess Peach into marrying him, and the Mario Brothers going off to rescue her, a quest that included Luigi dressing up as the Princess (for some reason) and a climactic battle at the end inside Bowser's gigantic wedding cake.
The comic book was rather thick (I can't remember all the details, since I lost it years ago) and had very well-done artowrk and dialogue (of course, I was ten, but I loved it) and an odd little mini-story at the end where the origin of Wario's hate for his nemesis is explained.
Has anyone else here ever seen it?

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This should be in General Mario Chat, not the White Mushroom House.
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Well, at least it involves merchandise. I don't quite mind.

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 Yeah, both comics were originally printed in Nintendo Power, along with a Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

 Later, they were both released in Graphic novel form. You'd be hard pressed to find them in a store nowadays, which is a shame, since they're so great.

Seriously though, if you guys don't have anything to add to the thread, don't post in it.