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« on: May 14, 2001, 07:50:48 PM »
Yes, there's a hacker among us. He goes by the name Disgruntled Mario Fan or BlueDeamon.

His site is below:

Since he has a site, justice can be served by having someone hack his site. He deserves it, due to these following reasons:

1. He HACKED Bowser's Castle.
2. He hacked VideoGamerX's site, which is one of the BEST Zelda websites on the net.
3. He put an entry in my guestbook, threatening to hack my website!

My website is listed below, although right now I transformed it to a temporary warning page:

We have to get rid of this menace, and fast. He has caused enough trouble as it is. He even has a poll on his website about what will happen if he gets caught, where 58% voted Nothing. So let's make him pay!

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Yep, this is all true. Video Gamer X was hacked too, go to

But we have nothing to worry, he was arrested just 34 hour`s ago in Panama Bay Florida. I will post more info at my site:
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