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-.-;; Oui, I know this is a tiny bit off subject of Mario, but I need to babble about this~all my life I was raised to think that the wonderful world of gaming was ment to be only "a guys thing". I truely dispise this statement and so do a good deal of my female freinds [and a couple of my male friends] but unfortunatally, I would only consider two of my female freinds to be in the world of gaming. This really sickens me!! Why does it seem also that because of that, that nearly all games are guy based?! Take Tomb raider for the perfect example. Sony's just so **** desperate to make a profit that they make some ultra-un realistic "slut" in the game tha main character just to appeal to a bunch of horny guys!! UvU;;; I'll get to the main point and want to know--just on this message board alone, how many female gamers are out there?? [age would be nice too... ]

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I'ma female, And I've been a gamer since I played Street Fighter 2 on my friend's Genesis.  Thatw as 10. Cut to 3 years later, I own 2 N64's 2 PSXs and 1 Dreamcast and an Import PS2 will LOADS of games for all.

Gaming isn't a guys thing. That's why I only play games that have female leads, or you can play as a girl.

Femminist eh? I like it that way. ;->

But to be clearer-
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I like seeing females in games, but ONLY if
they don't make complete fools of themselves.
(See LARA CROFT and JOANNA DARK(no offense
to PD fans, but I just don't like it).)

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^_^; at least i know im no the only female rampaging, babbleing idiot on this message board~anywho like you said velvet i don't JUST play games with female leads [bye bye mario] but i would DEFINATALLY like to see more games with female leads in them~of course ones that weren't bend on selling only to MALES, of course... ;P don't get me wrong thou guys---but lara croft would never be real no matter how much u wish.


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You preach it girls of da world!!!Girl Power!!!!!Why come in games da girls r a bunch of sissys!!!They ALWAYS get kidnap and da guy has to save 'em..typical!!Why can't da girls beat down some people..why come da only girl (Samus) is covered up!?!?!We can't see her face!!!!I'm a crazy 14 year old dat plays way too much video games and am **** proud of it!!!!i say we all go down to da nintendo company and DEMAND games starring girls..dat aren't dressed slutty and aren't princess for crying out loud!! ^^
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Well, I don't know of any girl gamers. Never seen one in my life, if I saw a girl playing a game, I would faint from shock. (Cause I live in a small town.) I would like to see it though. It would be interesting if I could beat one of you in Goldeneye, or Super Smash Bros.

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Oh yeah! Well, Luigi''s taller!

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Chun Lee Kicks! That's a good question I have not seen many games where you play as a chick (that doesn't offend chicks that is). Well When I finish my fifth year of calculis and get into programming I'll make you a cool game starring a chick that doesn't have a bigger number bra size then her wait sound good?
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;-; *snf* I luv you Doomba~not that way...


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Yeah, if a female character isn't a damsel in distress dressed in pink (like yours truly, but I liked peach best in SMRPG where she actually fought) They're some anitomically impossible skank like Lara Croft (ooohhhh, boys! Press the b button to see her JUMP!) In fighting games, its mostly guys (I like fighting games though, and I always pick Chun Li, Sonya, Katana, Melina, etc. and kick some a**). This is a good place to rant and rave, I like it. If Nintendo makes a Mario game to launch the dolphin, it should have the princess rescuing the mushroom kingdom from Bowser's daughter, Wendy.
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-___- yea, I DEFINTALLY liked peach alot more when she was ****useful**** in smrpg. ^^;; I would probably still be stuck in seaside town had i not learned "group hug"---hands down THE most useful defensive magic spell in the whole d@mn game! -____o;; Nintendo had BETTER put peach back in SMRPG, thou I don't know if she'll be much use since they[nintendo] hinted at that you'll only be able to control what MARIO does in the game [in battle] and not the other remaining party memebers.... *long sigh* oh well...there's always til rpg maker2000 gets translated ^___________^



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-.-;; rgg.. me and these stupid typos...


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Hi, just stumbled onto this site. I'm glad someone posted about this, because I've been ranting and raving about it for a while now.

I'm a girl, and my brother and I are right into video gaming. We both like the same kind of games (though I also like cartoon-ish games which he doesn't much care for), but I play most any genre. And I'm quite good.

But time and again I find myself repulsed by the biased gaming world that seems to cater to men. I would love for once to see a heroin who a) isn't utterly, unrealistically, disproportionate. b) is wearing actual clothing (This one gets me. A group of people go out to save the world. The male team members are dressed to the nines, lots of protective gear, weapons, ammo, etc. While the one *token* 'chick' is slinking around in a bikini with more cleavage then the grand canyon. Why is it you never see the guy moving around in a loin cloth with a washboard? (unless you want to count Disney's Tarzan)), c) isn't portrayed as much weaker, or less experienced then male counterparts.

Of all the video game heroins, I'd have to say the only one worthy of respect is Samus Aran.

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Samus, yeah, she is a good hero. I just hate it that everyone just assumes she's a "he" or a robot (ok, well, the robot part I understand).

However, I think that Peach Toadstool is also a good female lead. In both "real" (as in, not sport or racing) games she was a playable character in (SMB2, SMRPG) she was one of the best characters. In SMB2, she had one of the best jumps and was a favorite of many. In SMRPG, her healing powers were excellent! Most of us would've never beat the game without her!
People might gripe that she's always in a huge pink dress. First of all, the reason behind this is the probably the same reason that Mario has a hat and overalls, it made it possible to recognize her pixelated image as a princess...or a female, for that matter. Besides, at least she wears enough to "leave something to the imagination", unlike other female game characters.

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Ayla is probably a bad example, but she sure did kick a**. She was the best character- all of her stats were higher than the others (even the hidden character) and if you got her to level **, (100), she'd get the gold fist item which struct for 9999 each time.

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I think that in the next "Mario" game Princess Toadstool should be able to fight the bad guys.  In "Mario 2" she was indespensible, with that floating thing.  I always thought there should be a game where Mario is captured and the Princess has to rescue him.  Then "Mario is Missing" came out, but (from what I can tell from the commercials) Luigi is the main character looking for Mario.

B.T.W.-My brother says that in "M64-2" Peach should be dressed like Xena.  I disagree.
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