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Ive heard alot about this software But where do I download it?

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Hey! Good to see you again Marionut#1!
As for your anwser, i have no idea.  Sorry

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I trying to find the actual program and not the download. I don't like shareware that much.

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RPG2k, you mean? Boy, that program rocks...But I'm afraid I don't know where it's located at anymore, I think Don Miguel (The offical translator)'s site went down. Try, and ask around at the forums and follow links in the affilate section.

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RPG2k was impossible for me to use cause it didn't come with a help file. I do own RPG95+, I managed to download the latest version before Don Miguel's site went down. I already made two RPGs with it. I love it.

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heh.  I used to be hardcore at this stuff.

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My version of RPG Maker 2k didn't come with a help file either, but I still managed to make 2 very good RPG's without it - I learn very quickly. On the things I had problems with, like graqhics and events, I found on this site:
They might even have the program there too, so I hope that helps!
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